World 'needs farming revolution'

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A second "greener" revolution in food production based on the latest farming technology is needed to feed the world's population, says the Government's chief scientific adviser.

Professor John Beddington said the first revolution that has helped to feed the world for the past 40 years has run its course and the world is slowly depleting its food stocks.

"What we need is a new and greener revolution like the one we saw in the developing world in the 1960s, but which tackles both food security and climate change," Professor Beddington said at the Cheltenham Science Festival.

An increasing global population – set to grow from 6.5 billion to 9 billion by 2050 – combined with rising energy prices and climate change will make food more scarce and expensive.

"Growing populations, increasingly in large cities, and the rightful goal of poverty alleviation will lead to a continued increase in the demand for food and water that may hit us even sooner than climate change."