Serbs killed in Kosovo

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PRISTINA (AP) - The Serbian authorities yesterday sent police to prevent Albanian students from entering the main university in Kosovo. News of the killing of three Serbs by Albanian militants added to tensions.

The students were turned away by hundreds of riot police despite a Serb- Albanian agreement last month to permit Albanians to return to university premises in the Kosovo capital Pristina that they have boycotted in protest against Serbian rule in the province.

Among the three Serbs reported killed was a policeman killed by a mortar attack on police station in southern Kosovo. Serb police sources claimed the attack was carried out by the Kosovo Liberation Army, who are fighting for Kosovo's independence. In western Kosovo the bodies of two Serbs, believed to have been kidnapped by Albanian militants a week ago, were found yesterday.

On Wednesday, the United States and its allies crafted a mix of incentives and penalties - including a freeze on Serbian assets abroad - to stop the Kosovo crackdown.