Seven deadly foods

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Eggs: Salmonella scare 1988. Pregnant women, the old and young children advised against soft-boiled eggs

Ready cooked poultry / soft cheeses: Listeria outbreak in 1989 - pregnant women, old and young told to avoid eating them

Hazelnut yoghurt: Botulism found in one batch in 1989. Now safe

Beef: Fears of link between BSE in cattle and CJD in humans. Now extended to lamb, goats and deer.

Apple juice. February 1993: high levels of patulin, a toxin occurring naturally in juice. Now monitored by manufacturers

Carrots: May 1995. High organophosphate levels in carrots led the Government to advise peeling carrots

Baby milk: May 1996, 9 leading brands of baby milk said to contain levels of 'gender bender' chemicals called phthalates. The European Commission concluded that there was no danger to babies.