Seven Forces With Corruption Investigations

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Metropolitan Police

The largest anti-corruption drive for decades: 47 officers have been suspended and 10 serving and former officers charged in connection with drug and fraud allegations. Most of the officers involved come from the former South East Regional Crime Squad and the Flying Squad, the unit that tracks armed robbers.


Detective Chief Inspector Anthony Doyle, 48, a former deputy head of the Merseyside Drug Squad, has been charged under the Prevention of Corruption Act. In a separate investigation Detective Inspector Ian Kemble was suspended this month.

Cleveland Police

Nearly 300 complaints have been made against 39 Cleveland police officers. The investigation focuses on Middlesbrough CID, whose former head Detective Superintendent Ray Mallon - who shot to fame with "zero tolerance" - is one of eight officers suspended. Allegations involve trading drugs for information from

criminals and threatening suspects. Eleven files have gone to the Crown Proseuction Service and another 32 are due to go shortly.

West Midlands

Nine officers from the Drugs Squad have been disciplined - including three dismissals - after allegations that included the theft of drugs and money from informants and suspects. Out of the operation came a secondary inquiry which resulted in a detective sergeant resigning. A separate inquiry into allegations that officers were fabricating "secondary detections" has led to five officers facing disciplinary action and two being dismissed. In another inquiry a chief superintendent is awaiting trial on charges of theft.

South Yorkshire

Eleven police officers and two civilians have been suspended after an inquiry into allegations of fraud over the Government's hand-gun compensation scheme.


A former detective constable has pleaded guilty to charges of misconduct in connection with providing confidential information to criminals.


Frank Wilkinson, Chief Constable of Gwent, was suspended after allegations were made surrounding the issue of a speeding ticket to a prominent councillor and the award of contracts.