Show must go on for Gallagher Bros

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The split said to have rent asunder Oasis, Britain's biggest band, would appear to have been just another sibling spat.

Reports of an apocalyptic row between the Gallagher brothers, Noel and Liam, was said to have led to the group's demise and the abandonment of their American tour.

But in the hope of ending a hectic 24 hours of rumour and speculation, the band's record company, Creation, said yesterday: "Oasis will continue to exist and function as a band." It added that the brothers, the band's two frontmen, were "spending time together and getting over jetlag".

While Oasis's legion of fans will no doubt have been relieved to hear that the band will continue, they will be disappointed to learn that they will not tour for "the foreseeable future".

That would seem to rule out Noel's promise of a series of gigs in Britain towards the end of the year as a "Christmas present" for their fans.

Noel, 29, the band's songwriter, flew back to Britain on Thursday from Atlanta, while Liam, 23, swept through Gatwick Airport with the rest of the band yesterday.

The pair have always had a fiery relationship and regularly make the news for their fights rather than their music.