Shroud lifted on fake relic

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Caroline Rye, a researcher at Dundee University, with an image that she says proves the Turin shroud was faked with a huge pin-hole camera.

Using her own giant camera, she has produced similar images to that on the shroud, believed by many to carry an outline of the body of Christ.

The 14ft x 4ft linen shroud has been in Turin Cathedral for 400 years but the dispute over its authenticity dates back to the 14th century when the faking of religious relics was rife. Tests in 1988 indicated that the shroud dates from around 1350.

Today, Ms Rye intends to explain the mystery. She will stand inside her giant camera for four hours under bright lights. A tiny aperture leads to a second darkened chamber where a frame of fabric is mounted to receive her image.

"I believe that the Turin shroud was made by this method, our results are strikingly similar," said Ms Rye, 28. "I hope I won't offend anyone, I certainly don't intend to be sacrilegious."