Sinatra fans strip the record shops

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FRANK SINATRA fans have been buying so many of their idol's albums since his death that they have stripped the shelves bare.

The rush for a musical memento of the legendary singer, who died from a heart attack last week, could lead to record companies having to produce new supplies.

A spokesman for Virgin Megastores said: "We have sold between two and three times our normal amount of Sinatra records.

"His death seems to have prompted people young and old to remember his songs ... We got in emergency supplies from the record companies on Friday and we will be placing a big order first thing tomorrow. It could well be that the companies will need to get their presses running."

Representatives for HMV, Our Price and Tower Records also reported a significant rise in demand. At HMV in Gateshead Metro Centre, John Cahart said there had been an increase in sales of compilations. He added: "It has not been confirmed yet, but I understand there are plans to release a double A side of 'My Way' and 'New York, New York' - I would expect that to go to number one."

The headlong rush for Sinatra's music and the enormous publicity since his death is in contrast with his family's plans for low-key farewell ceremonies.

Instead of a glitzy Hollywood funeral there will be an "invitation only" vigil for friends and family tomorrow night followed by a private ceremony at midday on Wednesday. Both services will be at the Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Beverly Hills.