Sister agrees to vital donation

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A life-saving fight against leukaemia has reunited sisters who divided by the fear that hospitals inspired in one of them. After three years apart they are now preparing to visit a clinic together so a blood transfusion can begin.

Angela Latham, 34, has leukaemia but her sister, Susan Squires, 39, had refused to donate bone marrow for a transplant because of her fear of hospitals. Butnow she has agreed to go to a clinic. Mrs Latham is to accompany her for support.

Ms Squires agreed to help after meeting her sister's consultant, haematologist Dr Paul Kelsey, of the Victoria Hospital in Blackpool, at her flat in the town last Friday.

Mrs Latham said: "I'm shell-shocked but very happy ... I saw my sister for two hours on Friday but we're letting things calm down again now."

The news has delighted Mrs Latham's husband, Paul, and children Ashly, 12, and Bernadette, 6. Ms Squires said: "I just hope this will save Angela. I am still very nervous but I think I will be able to cope."