Sisters who fell out over transplant heal the rift

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Two sisters who fell out when one said she could not donate bone marrow to save the other's life because of her fear of hospitals, declared their quarrel over yesterday.

Susan Squires conquered her phobia and was admitted to hospital to provide the marrow for the transplant last month. Yesterday her sister, Angela Latham, 34, a mother of two who has leukaemia, thanked her as she prepared to leave hospital.

"I cannot thank her enough. She's still my sister after all that's happened and I'm very grateful for what she's done." Ms Squires's initial refusal caused a three-year rift between the sisters, who live streets apart in Blackpool.

After a worldwide search of 4 million donors failed to turn up a match, she agreed to the operation. But the sisters were a poor match and doctors at Manchester Royal Infirmary gave Mrs Latham a less than 50 per cent chance of success