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Neil and Christine Hamilton spent six days at the Paris Ritz, the High Court jury were told. On the first night their dinner cost pounds 222. On the next day, after a full American breakfast and mini bar charges of pounds 35, they lunched in the restaurant for pounds 85 and had a dinner costing pounds 210.

On the third day the couple enjoyed a room service breakfast and lunch and an evening meal costing pounds 214. Two bottles of vintage champagne cost over pounds 100.

On the fourth day their evening meal cost pounds 200 and on the fifth day they spent pounds 53 on the mini bar before a dinner costing pounds 220.

On their last night they had a meal which cost pounds 390 at today's prices, including a 1979 bottle of vintage Bollinger. The next day, after having a full breakfast and leaving a mini bar bill of pounds 72, they left. They travelled around France and on their way back to England Mr Hamilton asked if he and his wife could stay there again. He was refused. Mr Carman said: "No Big Macs or chicken sandwiches for them. The staggering fact is that on food and drink in the restaurant along with food they enjoyed in their room they had spent pounds 900 in 24 hours. They must have thought Christmas had arrived early." Stamps, parking charges, telephone calls, and newspapers were billed to Mr Al Fayed. Tips, of pounds 10 or pounds 12, were also put on their host's bill.