Six weeks before her murder, Edna Phillips, 70, wrote to her MP . . .

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I had a robbery weeks ago but the Police didn't even take finger prints, when I went to the Police station, a woman working there said perhaps they didn't think it warranted taking finger prints, I had everything that could be carried away taken.

What makes it worse, one of my neighbours across the road heard my two windows being smashed, and she phoned the police, but they said they couldn't see anything wrong, that was at 9 o'clock, but when I went home from my friend at a 1/4 to 11 everything had been stolen, and the first thing I saw was the window, smashed, so why didn't they see it?

And I was supposed to have a victim support officer to call but no one came here. I have been ill since it happened, I lost my voice, and it hasn't come back yet.

How do they expect to catch the thieves when they don't take finger prints?

from Miss E Phillips

P. S. I know you cannot do anything about it, but I am so annoyed, because I have the feeling that the thieves were in my house and the Police outside at the same time.

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