Small-minded designers put tall people's backs up

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TALL people may stand out in the crowd, but they are still being overlooked. Beds are too short, doorways and desks too low, bus and train seats too cramped - and consequently Britain is losing an estimated 70 million working days each year.

Members of Britain's Tall Person's Club are bearing down on the country's midget-minded manufacturers, demanding that they update their standard sizes. Phil Heinricy, the 6ft 8in founder of the club, set out to improve life for society's tallest individuals, but the fact that the population as a whole is growing - taller, that is - means height discrimination is a matter for more of us than we might think.

Every generation grows at the rate of approximately 0.75 inches, yet the standards with which people have to contend on a daily basis are in many cases between 50 to 100 years old.

This country loses 70 million working days each year because of backache, and much of that is caused by design which does not take this growth into account. The situation will get worse unless standards are changed."

The club is preparing to host the annual European Convention for Tall People between 17 and 24 May at various venues across London.