Society: No sex please, we're truckers

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Tough truckers are really home-loving men who put sex, drinking and nights out way down their list of priorities, according to a survey published yesterday.

Traditionally, lorry drivers have often been regarded as chauvinistic roadhogs who eat Yorkie Bars and car drivers for breakfast - when they're not tucking into a roadside fry-up.

But the survey found that thoughts of family and home life are uppermost in the minds of more than one in three truckers as they travel along.

A further 25 per cent concentrate on arriving on time while 16 per cent think of nothing in particular. Just 7 per cent focus on sex, drink, food and nights out, while only 2 per cent are preoccupied with bad driving, said the survey from PHH Management Services.

"The results would seem to support the idea that Joe Trucker, traditionally the ultimate symbol of masculinity, is in fact a 'New Man', more concerned with family and doing his job efficiently, than previously believed," said a PHH spokesman.