Soho Bombing: Fortnight Of Fear In The Capital

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17 April: Just before 5.30pm a nail bomb explodes in Electric Avenue, Brixton, injuring 39 people.

19 April: A man purporting to be from right-wing terror group Combat 18 claims it did the bombing.

23 April: Three more extreme right-wing racist groups claim responsibility for the Brixton attack in phone calls to Scotland Yard.

24 April: Shortly before 6pm, six people are injured by a second nail bomb, near Brick Lane, Shoreditch, in east London, the centre of the Bangladeshi community.

25 April: Police chiefs in other cities, including Birmingham and Glasgow, are put on alert for attacks.

29 April: Detectives issue a video image of a white man in his 20s they believe to be the prime suspect in the Brixton bombing.

30 April: Police arrest a man in connection with the bombings. He is later released on police bail.

6.37pm: A device explodes in the Admiral Duncan pub on Old Compton Street, centre of the gay community as well as much of London's West End nightlife. Two deaths were confirmed and many casualties reported.