Solstice ban on Stonehenge ends

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WILTSHIRE POLICE will not apply for the usual four-mile exclusion zone around Stonehenge this year over the summer solstice.

The landowner, English Heritage, says the stones will be closed to the general public although it intends to allow limited access to more than 100 people with bookings.

English Heritage is now in talks with police over security arrangements. The exclusion zone was brought in after violent clashes between police and new-age travellers at the so-called Battle of the Beanfield in 1985.

The ban was used to stop numbers of vehicles and travellers converging near the monument site. Its success could be seen in the rapidly dwindling numbers over past years - and the lack of trouble.

But a recent ruling in the House of Lords held that the public had a right of passageway along the highway, provided there was no nuisance or obstruction.

Last year about a hundred people attended the solstice celebrations at the stone circle, including Druids, pagans, astronomers, archaeologists and local residents.