'Something must be done about it'

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A PETITION supporting the Independent's campaign calling for the relief of Bosnia's besieged capital by securing an aid route into Sarajevo, using force if necessary, has been signed by 105 English language teachers studying at St Pilgrims' School in Canterbury.

The petition states:

'News of the cruel and violent war in the former Yugoslavia reaches us every day. Many attempts have been made to stop it without success, but now it has reached a point where something must be done about it.'

If you agree with the proposals we put forward, please write to us. You may use two fax lines (071-415 1371 and 071-956 1739) or address letters to 40 City Road, London EC1Y 2DB, marking the envelope SARAJEVO.

Since launching the campaign on

26 July, the Independent has received letters of support from 3,126 readers. A list of those received since the weekend is published on page 8.