Spat over devolution moratorium

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A spat broke out yesterday between campaigners on Welsh devolution as the "No" lobby accused their opponents of breaking a mutually-agreed moratorium on political activity.

The "Just Say No" campaign issued a press release to attack the "Yes for Wales" group after apparently being asked by a Labour association to attend a meeting.

A spokesman for the "No" group said it had been told the meeting at Greenfield would go ahead with a speaker from the "yes" campaign alone if the group did not send anyone.

"We will continue throughout the whole of the week to refuse to partake in any form of campaigning whatsoever. To do otherwise would be to disrespect the wish of the whole nation at this incredibly sad time," he said.

Darren Hill, organiser of "Yes for Wales", responded by saying that to comment on the allegations would be distasteful at a time when campaigning was supposed to have stopped.