Stab victim's fiancee `in mental ward'

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Police refused to confirm last night that 27-year-old former model Tracie Andrews, who is believed to have been arrested in connection with the murder of alleged "road rage" victim Lee Harvey, has been moved to a psychiatric unit.

Miss Andrews told a news conference last week that the couple left the Marlbrook public house in Bromsgrove just after 10pm last Sunday. She claimed that after overtaking another car, Mr Harvey realised he was being followed closely by the vehicle behind. Miss Andrews, who had a black eye and stitches above her eyebrow - which she said were inflicted by her fiancee's killer - explained that Mr Harvey stopped their car on Coopers Hill, a single-track lane less than a mile from their home, and had an argument with the other driver. Then the passenger in the car got out and allegedly launched a frenzied attack on Mr Harvey. Ms Andrews was admitted to hospital after collapsing at her parents' home on Wednesday from a suspected overdose.