`Star Trek' wife drowns at home

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THE WIFE of William Shatner, the actor who played Captain Kirk in Star Trek, was found dead at the bottom of the couple's swimming pool in the North Hollywood hills after what appeared to be a purely accidental drowning, police said yesterday.

Mr Shatner discovered the body of his wife, Nerine, a 40-year-old former model, when he returned home at 10.15pm on Monday. He pulled her out of the water and tried to revive her while waiting for an ambulance to arrive. She was pronounced dead half an hour later.

"My beautiful wife is dead. She meant everything to me," a distraught Mr Shatner, 68, told reporters outside his home. "Her laughter, her tears and her joy will remain with me for the rest of my life."

Authorities said an autopsy was under way but they did not think any foul play was involved. The former Nerine Kidd was Mr Shatner's third wife. They married in 1997.

Two months ago, fans of the series mourned the loss of DeForest Kelley, the actor who played Dr McCoy. He was 79.