Stockbroker's murder linked to gay attack

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POLICE said yesterday that they had identified links between the murder of the stockbroker Barry Stubbings and an attack on another homosexual hours earlier, writes Steve Boggan.

Although detectives said it was too early to consider the possibility of a gay serial killer on the loose they did warn homosexuals in London to be on their guard.

Mr Stubbings, 51, was found dead at his flat in Whitechapel, east London, on Tuesday. His throat had been cut. Earlier the same evening another man was stabbed in the neck, chest and hand and had his throat cut during an attack at his flat in Wapping, near by in east London.

The victim of that attack is critically ill in hospital and has so far been unable to help the police.

Last year, Colin Ireland murdered five gay men in London while threatening to target homosexuals. He surrendered to the police and was later jailed for life.

Detective Superintendent Albert Patrick, who is heading the current investigation and led the inquiry into Ireland, said: 'I don't want to signal alarms that there is another killer on the loose.

'But it would be wrong for me not to say to the gay people in London: 'Look, be careful.' '