Stop modelling please, Jagger tells daughter

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SHE'S FIVE foot nine inches tall in her stockinged feet, has a mane of blonde hair, a killer pout and gets stopped on the street all the time by fashion scouts who are looking to sign her up as a model.

But Elizabeth Jagger is one 14-year-old who doesn't need this kind of help to get into the modelling world; her mum, Jerry Hall, has given her all the help she needs. But there's one problem, her Daddy doesn't like it and wants her to stop.

In fact in Jerry's words he's "furious" that his daughter is modelling at all.

"He wants Elizabeth to concentrate on her schoolwork" Ms Hall tells Harpers & Queen magazine, "But I tell him, almost every schoolgirl wants to be a model." His fears, however, are understandable.

Elizabeth Jagger has yet to embark on her GCSE studies and modelling can become more than a diversion. Furthermore her father has first hand experience of the kind of situations young models find themselves in, and most of them are not the type of thing you want for your daughter.

Inevitably it is cigarettes, alcohol and worse which cause worry, but for all parents of young models it is the rapid loss of youth and innocence which upsets them most.

It has been an unavoidable situation for Miss Jagger's parents. The teenager hounded her mother for months before Ms Hall allowed her to take up modelling, but on the condition that her daughter joined her agency, Models One, which is highly respected and has been operating for thirty years. Miss Jagger's first catwalk appearance was with her mother at Thierry Mugler's Paris show earlier this year.

The biggest problem with young models is parents who don't recognise the signs that indicate when a teenager is having problems.

Jerry and Mick should be one worried couple who won't have that problem.