`Street' fight ruled acceptable

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Angry Coronation Street fans who were left fuming when Curly Watts was head-butted by Les Battersby have had their complaints rejected by a television watchdog.

The Independent Television Commission received 79 letters and calls from viewers who said the Battersbys' antics had gone too far. Viewers saw Curly (Kevin Kennedy, pictured) confront Les (Bruce Jones) after his daughters refused to turn their ghetto-blaster down, and they saw Curly fall to the ground but not the head-butt itself. The Battersbys, dubbed "the family from hell" moved to Weatherfield this summer as Granada executives adopted harder-hitting storylines to boost ratings.

The ITC carefully considered the scene screened on 14 July but did not uphold the complaints. It said the scene did not go beyond viewers' expectations at this time of the evening. A Coronation Street spokeswoman said: "Bringing new characters into a long-running drama serial always prompts reaction from viewers and the Battersbys are no exception."