Suicide theory over 39-floor fall

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Suicide theory over 39-floor fall

Police in Brazil believe a British management consultant who fell to her death from the 39th floor of a luxury hotel may have committed suicide. The body of Katrina Dunleavy, 31, who was on a business trip to Rio de Janeiro for the London-based accountants KPMG, was found by security staff at the five-star Meridien Hotel earlier this week.

According to local police, a day before her death Ms Dunleavy had been removed from the "dangerous" out-of-bounds roof terrace from which she is believed to have fallen.

Ms Dunleavy had travelled with two colleagues to rio on Sunday for a two-week business trip. Gilda Antao, the local british pro-consul, said a post-mortem examination had been co0mpleted but its findings had not been made public. A police spokesman said : "The investigation points towards suicide but we are waiting for the forensic and coroner's reports."