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Aids treatment

Scientists have made what they believe is a breakthrough in the treatment of Aids patients, using the blood of people already infected with HIVPage 12

Howard blamed

Senior police officers will tell Michael Howard that his policies are 'undermining the traditions of the British police'Page 2

Soccer degrees

A London university is to accept career experience of professional footballers as an entry qualification instead of A-levelsPage 6

Addicted doctors

About 30 doctors licensed to practise in Britain are drug addicts, according to data from the General Medical CouncilPage 6

Siege tactics

Aid officials fear that the Hutu gunmen who control Zaire camps will defend their power by halting food aid to a million Rwandan refugeesPage 18

Kennedy trials

Ted Kennedy looks a wreck as he struggles to keep a

fabled political dynasty alive in the run-up to next month's Senate race for MassachusettsPage 16