Supporters of McAliskey prepare file of police errors

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A human rights organisation yesterday applauded the High Court decision to move the pregnant terrorist suspect Roisin McAliskey (right) from prison to hospital.

Ms McAliskey, 25, who is fighting extradition to Germany for questioning over the IRA bombing of British Army barracks in Osnabruck last June, was moved from Holloway prison to Whittington hospital, north London, last Friday. Her baby was due last Wednesday.

The Britain and Ireland Human Rights Centre in London yesterday praised the court's "sane and sensible ruling". A spokeswoman said: "Roisin will from now on receive treatment based on her medical needs rather than on spurious security grounds."

The organisation claims the evidence compiled against her by German Federal Police, helped by the Royal Ulster Constabulary and British Military Police, was "riddled with irreconcilable discrepancies and inconsistencies".

A witness who police claim positively identified Ms McAliskey as among those renting a holiday home allegedly linked to the attack denies saying any such thing, they argue. They say that the evidence of another witness who told police that Ms McAliskey was definitely not one of the holiday home tenants was set aside and suppressed.

And they claim ferry companies have confirmed there were no sailings on a date when police say a car implicated in the attack was seen coming off the Roscoff-Cork boat.

A spokeswoman said government ministers would be presented with extensive dossiers next week setting out the "major evidential anomalies" in the case against Ms McAliskey. This includes alibi evidence which allegedly shows she was in Northern Ireland on dates when German police state the woman they seek was in Germany.