Surprise as ITN chief quits

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Senior staff at Independent Television News attributed the surprise resignation yesterday of their chief executive, David Gordon, to disputes with Michael Green, the company's chairman, writes Rhys Williams.

Mr Gordon, 52, who joined ITN in May 1993 from the Economist, has agreed to stay until a successor is appointed.

Mr Gordon insisted last night the decision to go was his. "I was reluctant to slip into being a routine manager. I set myself a number of targets. These, notably, concerned establishing the profitability of the organisation and developing its roles as a world-class news supplier."

When Mr Gordon took over as chief executive he was seen as Mr Green's appointment.

Although apparently successful in concluding the radical restructuring his predecessor had set in train, senior ITN sources believe a "big question mark" hangs over the company's international strategy. In spite of a new link up with Reuters, the global news agency, many feel the company's earning potential is not being maximised.

Mr Green paid tribute to Mr Gordon last night, saying he had "seen ITN through a very important transitional period".