Suspect detective's sex session was taped

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A DETECTIVE who has been suspended on full pay for more than three years was taped by colleagues allegedly having sex with a police witness without her consent.

The Independent has obtained a transcript of the officer apparently having sex with the woman, in which she says "no" or rejects his advances on 17 occasions.

The transcript forms part of an investigation into 34 allegations made against the former South East Regional Crime Squad officer by the witness, most seriously that he repeatedly had unlawful sexual intercourse with her between May 1993 and August 1994 at two "safe houses" in Essex.

As The Independent reported two weeks ago, the officer has been receiving a salary of about pounds 30,000 a year since his suspension in late 1994, but no decision has yet been taken by the Metropolitan Police on whether he should be disciplined.

In a statement given by the witness to Scotland Yard's Complaints Investigation Bureau in September 1994, she details the growth of a highly unprofessional relationship which started with the detective's involvement in the arrest of drug suspects linked to her, and progressed into him having sex with her, allegedly sharing her reward money and even allegedly supplying her with drugs.

The Crown Prosecution Service regarded the woman, a former drug addict, as too unreliable a witness to allow criminal proceedings against the officer. It is understood the Police Complaints Authority made a recommendation as to his future a year ago, but he has remained suspended on full pay.

Other allegations being investigated by the CIB are that the officer "dishonestly appropriated 4 kilos of heroin from a total quantity of 40 kilos that were seized"; that in March 1994, he "unlawfully supplied the complainant with a firearm and a case of bullets"; and that he "unlawfully supplied the complainant with dangerous drugs", cannabis, LSD and ecstasy.

The witness also claims the officer stole money from her, told her what to say in a witness statement in a bid to pervert the course of justice, tapped her phone, dishonestly handled pounds 25,000 and failed to act on information about other crimes.

In her statement, the witness, a mother of two, indicates that sex with the married officer took place many times, but by the time their relationship ended, she said she no longer wanted to have sex with him.

Before the last session was recorded, she appears to have been primed to use key words. For example, in one instance, she says: "I don't want sex. [Officer's name] you're penetrating me." He replies: "That's it, yeah." Again, apparently for the benefit of the microphones, she says: "[Name] you're pulling my drawers down ... why, I don't want it. Please put them back on." He replies: "No."

The tape's value as a piece of criminal evidence is debatable as it features a woman who has consented to be recorded in advance of supposedly being forced to have sex. However, as a piece of evidence for disciplinary purposes, it may be potentially valuable.