Teens work to fund social life

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Today's teenagers work hard to fund their social lives, with almost three-quarters spending up to 20 hours a week at work or doing household chores, according to a survey published today.

Unsurprisingly, 91 per cent of youngsters who work part-time cited money as the motivation for their toil and they also know exactly how to spend it.

Some 41 per cent of more than 500 teenagers aged 13-19 surveyed for debit card company Switch said they spent most of their money going out, with the disco proving the most popular hang out for those aged 13-15. Those in the older group named the pub as their favourite haunt although 5 per cent of the younger group said the same thing.

Shopping proved popular with 92 per cent while 6 per cent said it was their favourite pastime. Over a third said they went shopping once a week.

The survey revealed that while 83 per cent of those were in full-time education, 11 per cent had a full-time job and 37 per cent worked part- time.