Tesco signals an end to `copycat' branding wars

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Britain's largest supermarket group last night signalled an end to the "copycat wars" by declaring it would make its products distinct from classic brands.

After several legal cases involving major store chains and well-known products, Tesco disclosed that it had decided to seek a closer working relationship with the makers of popular brands. A spokesman for the group said: "We will ensure that the development of our new products does not upset the closer working relationship we want with major brands."

Supermarkets have become well known for imitating the style of famous products in everything from biscuits to shampoo. One of the most recent disputes involved Asda, whose Puffin biscuits were accused of imitating United Biscuits' best-selling Penguins. Earlier this week, Sainsbury's was reported by Marketing magazine to be seeking a branding truce of its own.