Thatcher invited to join Bhutto's Sarajevo mission

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BARONESS THATCHER is considering an invitation to join the leaders of two Muslim countries, Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan and Tansu Ciller of Turkey, in Sarajevo early next month, writes Raymond Whitaker.

The Bosnian Prime Minister, Haris Silajdzic, who is on a visit to Pakistan, announced that Ms Bhutto and Mrs Ciller would come to his besieged capital on 2 February, accompanied by unspecified 'other dignitaries'.

The Pakistani Prime Minister said she hoped Lady Thatcher would join her.

Last month, when Ms Bhutto floated the idea, her foreign minister said: 'As women, as mothers and as wives, the visit of the three leaders will be a special gesture towards the brave women of Sarajevo.'

Lady Thatcher's office confirmed yesterday that she had been invited to go to Bosnia early next month.

A spokeswoman said the former prime minister was scheduled to be in the United States on a lecture tour, but added: 'If she did decide to go to Sarajevo, it would not be announced in advance for security reasons.' That is a precaution the serving prime ministers of Pakistan and Turkey do not seem to consider necessary.