The 70-Hour War: War Of Words

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Saddam Hussein

"You were up to the level that your leadership and brother and comrade had hoped you would be God rewarded you and delighted your hearts with the crown of victory.

"God will repay well and crown your heart with clear victory, which will be attested by your enemies"

Tony Blair

"We have severely damaged Saddam's ability to produce and repair ballistic missiles.

"We have severely set back his chemical, biological and unmanned drone programmes. This...weakens his ability to threaten his neighbours. Just because we can't get in the cage and strike him down, it doesn't mean that we should leave the cage untouched. What we have done is put him firmly back in his cage.

"We have reduced the danger Saddam poses, consistent with common sense and a proportionate use of force. I recognise that not everyone around the world has welcomed this action but I believe, at heart, most know its necessity.

"We are ready to strike again if he again poses a threat to his neighbours, or develops weapons of mass destruction."

Bill Clinton

"I am confident we have achieved our mission ... in accordance with our 70-hour plan."

"We have inflicted significant damage on Saddam's weapons of mass destruction programmes, on the command structures that direct and protect that capability and on his military and security infrastructure.

"So long as Saddam remains in power, he will remain a threat to his people, his region and the world."