The A to Z of Britain, via Frolic Street and Sober Hill

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YOU WOULDN'T want to take it personally if you lived in Moody Court, nor worry about your conversational skills if your address was Witter Avenue.

Not many would object to living in Pleasant Place, Bliss Close or Happyhillock Road, but there might be fewer takers for Nutts Avenue and Deadmans Lane, two of the more downbeat addresses identified in a survey of national street names conducted by Halifax.

Besides the functional names such as South Street and First Avenue, and those relating to Britain's past, there are a number of wacky and unpronounceable entries in the A-Z of highways and byways in Britain, beginning with Aghaloo Road and ending with Zyburn Court. There is Zin Zan Street, Gillygooley Road and Shaggy Calf Lane to name but a few.

Top of Halifax's list is High Street, and second is Station Road. Street names in Greater London reflect city dwellers' yearning for the great outdoors. Park Road is the most common street name in the capital, bucking the national trend for High Street or Main Street to be favourite.

There is no shortage of appropriate places to see in the New Year, including Millennium Harbour, Millennium Drive and Millennium Place. Less appealing, perhaps, is Sober Hill Drive, but there is always Champagne Avenue, Punchbowl Lane, Chardonnay Close or Frolic Street. If it all gets too much, the residents of Therapie Lane might put you right.