The Balkans Truce: Quotes

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"Kosovo is politically bankrupt... The international community will have to take the lead in creating an open, democratic society in Kosovo"

Baton Haxhiu, editor of Kosovo's Koha Dittore

"I am afraid that we can be betrayed again, as always. I am prepared to go home any time, but only after Nato troops get into Kosovo"

Nexhmedin Kazazi, a refugee from Gnjilane

"The Albanians will attack us in refugee columns. There's no chance the Serbs will stay. It will be like in Croatia and Bosnia. Like them we'll dig up our dead and take them with us"

A Pristina Serb

"[Milosevic's] record of bringing mad misery to Serbs is now at the ultimate point. But... the atmosphere is such that people cannot rebel"

Milan Panic, former Yugoslav prime minister

"It was not a capitulation of Serbia. Kosovo is an integral part of Serbia under this agreement. Yesterday we signed the capitulation of political hatred"

Vuk Draskovic, former Yugoslav deputy premier

"We are not going to let any Americans, English or French into our country. And if the Albanians come back then the troubles will start again. What do you mean the war is over?"

Boban, soldier from Krusevac