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Baffled by the digital age

AN APOLOGY is due to David Clark, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. Pandora was in error when reporting two days ago that Clark was in the lift that broke down along with six hacks. In fact, he was spared that fate; the hacks were on their way to a briefing that Clark was holding on the Millennium Bug. However, let us hope technology does not land Clark in deeper trouble. He recently showed off his new computerised "red box" to an all-party group and showed its security feature that demands one of his fingerprints before it will open. Unfortunately, he was not yet sure exactly which finger it took. One of the group thought the unthinkable: "What if he was kidnapped? He could lose all ten digits."

Get off my cloud

GUESS what Keith Richards requested prior to his last stay at the groovy Sunset Marquis hotel in West Hollywood? Yes, your mind races. And you would be wrong, because the hardest of the rockers asked for exercise equipment, including a treadmill. Apparently, he used the healthy gear every day during his stay. Keith a fitness freak? Hey, you, get off my cloud.