The Bramley Affair: The Bramleys' Statement - `We're very much a family'

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"WE WOULD like to thank all the members of the press and public for the support we have received during a very difficult period.

As we made clear in our letter, Hannah and Jade were placed with us as adopters. After five months we were told that they could not stay with us and we hoped that the court would be able to look at how happy the children were, listen to what they were saying about how they wanted to stay with us and decide independently what was best for them.

Unfortunately we were told that the court could not consider any of these things and once the social services had decided it, they had to go.

The only thing we felt we could do was to leave with the children, but as soon as we heard that the social services would allow the court to take an independent look at what was best for the children we arranged to return.

We are now in a safe place. The children are well and happy and we are confident that the facts that we are very much a family with two confident, secure and stable children will become clear.

We do hope that the press will be able to give us a little space while this is established.

In the meantime we know that there have been a lot of wild rumours about what has happened and would like to clear up a few matters.

First, we have not been living a nomadic, fugitive lifestyle.

The children feel they have just had an exciting and enjoyable holiday in Ireland.

All the sightings in England were mistakes of identity.

We have been living with the children in good quality accommodation and have supplied the police with all the details. The children have been well and we have not had to seek any medical intervention.

Had there been any problems we would of course have seen a doctor local to our accommodation. Fortunately we did not have to do so and the happy, healthy state of the children today confirms this.

We have not had any contact whatsoever either directly or indirectly with Mr (Max) Clifford or any press or publicity person.

The letter we wrote was our own work and written from our hearts. We have not received any money at all and indeed are now in considerable debt.

The other suggestions that have been made are that the children have not had their toys and that Jade has missed out on school.

We took with us a bag of toys and concentrated on educational toys. We have been doing reading with Jade and Hannah. They are bright children and know their numbers. Jade is on her third reading book, can tell the time and do mental arithmetic.

We would repeat our appeal for a little space. Now that the court will be able to consider what is best for the children we have every confidence that the right decision will be made for Jade and Hannah.

Social Services have fully honoured their promises to us and we now want to work with them. Our hope is that they can now take a fresh look at the situation and that they will then see how happy Jade and Hannah are with us and how wrong it would be to move them from a family where they are settled, loved and secure."