THE BSE RISK: Where's the beef? What goes into different companies' mea t products

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Company Source Offal? Comments

Waitrose UK only No Cattle fed exclusively on natural forage and cattle feeds. Does not purchase cattle through livestock markets.

Tesco UK only No Suppliers audited to see no proscribed offal used.

Wimpy EU No Beef carries EU Veterinary Certificate. Meat taken from flank and forequarters.

Marks and UK, Ireland, No No cow beef used. SBOs Spencer US, tinned never used in St Michael meat from products, even prior to Argentina 1989 ban. All British beef and Brazil fresh, not frozen

McDonalds UK, France, No EU-approved abbatoirs. Holland, 40 separate checks Ireland carried out by McDonalds

Burger King UK, Eire, No Only ground beef from Botswana flank and forequarter used. EU Veterinary Certificate.

Starburger UK only No Suppliers are Oakland Fast Foods, same as Burger King and Wimpey.

Sainsbury Confidential No SBOs removed from cattle early on, as a precaution.

Little Chef UK, South No No `controversial parts of and Happy America the carcass' used. Eater Company stress that alternative dishes to beef are available.

Birds Eye Unavailable No Use only `select cuts' of Walls beef.

Findus EU, South No Constantly reviewing the America lastest research. Suppliers audited regularly.

Indian Do not tend to use a lot of resturants beef, only as concession to Anglicised appetites. Often bought frozen

Chinese A lot of beef used in restaurants Chinese cooking. Usually of a fairly high quality because of nature of dishes, cooked for less than Indian food.