The car crashed and rolled at 160 mph - the driver suffered a broken nose

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RUBENS BARRICHELLO, the Brazilian motor racing driver, in a barrel roll after hitting a kerb at 160 mph during yesterday's first official practice for tomorrow's San Marino Grand Prix at Imola. Barrichello, 21, was launched into trackside fencing, losing front and back right wheels as the car came to rest upside down with the driver's head wobbling from side to side. He lost consciousness but was recovering in hospital last night with only a broken nose and bruised ribs. 'I don't know what happened, but I feel OK. It's just a bit difficult to breathe because my nose is swollen, and my hand hurts a bit. I'll be back tomorrow but I accept that I won't be able to race,' said Barrichello, who is in the Jordan-Hart stable and second in the world drivers' championship. His was the most remarkable escape on a day of crashes that left Ayrton Senna, another Brazilian, in provisional pole position.

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