The fight for justice in the force

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Sarah Locker took the Metropolitan Police to an industrial tribunal in 1991 after claiming she suffered both sexual and racial discrimination.

The tribunal heard that a fellow officer had handed Mrs Locker, whose parents are Turkish, a spoof job application letter he had written as if from her. It read: "A few of them courses is right up the street of a Third World effnic girl like me ...I could really go for that rape and serious sexual offences bit - if they got some nice greasy mediterrean [sic] boys there."

Mrs Locker also claimed she had been unfairly turned down for jobs in the CID. An out-of-court settlement awarding Mrs Locker pounds 32,500 was reached in December 1993. The force apologised but denied sexual and racial discrimination. Last week Mrs Locker, claiming she was shunned by colleagues when she returned to work, retired on medical grounds.

t As a young PC, Joginder Prem's face was used on posters with the words: "Can you face the challenge?" Ten years into his career, Mr Prem had been turned down for promotion to sergeant five times.

In May 1993 Mr Prem won pounds 25,000 for race discrimination after Dan Crompton, the Nottinghamshire Chief Constable, admitted officers discriminated against the PC .

Yesterday, Mr Prem, who has since been promoted to sergeant, said he had no regrets about bringing the case."You either sacrifice all your principles or you fight for justice."