The games they play

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Non competitive games for schools:

Earth ball: A large inflatable ball with a globe printed on it is brought into a group. It is passed around, thrown and caught, as with normal ball games but apparently requires "interaction and cooperation" among players because of its sheer size.

Parachute games:

Up to 20 pupils stand in a circle and work together to manipulate a parachute, throwing it up and bringing it down, running under it and playing "cat and mouse" with one group under it and one group outside.

Problem solving:

Using benches, chairs, balls, cups of water and beanbags, pupils have to work together to work out ways of moving items over, through and under obstacles according to set criteria.

Cricket/Rounders without winners:

Usual rules apply except that everybody bats, bowls and fields and no points are scored, so there are no winners or losers.

Non-competitive sports days:

All races/events are conducted as normal, except that players are awarded points for performance. At the end of the event,

players are divided into three groups of point scores, to ensure no one comes bottom.