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Blair on Europe

TONY BLAIR yesterday hit back at Tory critics over his presidency of the European Union. He told MEPs in Strasbourg that the days of Britain being out in the cold in Europe had ended, saying: "The days of the Beef War, 14 against one, government positions ravaged by warring factions in the governing party are over."

Identity for UK

PETER Mandelson last night claimed the Government was helping to forge a new identity for Britain by encouraging a culture of entrepreneurship. In a speech to an international conference on corporate identity in London, the Minister without Portfolio drew a distinction between the 1980s concept of entrepreneurship, driven by the profit motive, and a new breed of entrepreneurs who want to "make a difference".

Inquiry closed

A TRADE and Industry Department inquiry into alleged insider dealing by Lord Archer of Weston-super-Mare will not be re-opened, the Government said last night. Labour's Andrew Miller had asked President of the Board of Trade Margaret Beckett to renew the probe into Lord Archer's acquisition of 25,000 Anglia TV shares in 1994.