The last shreds of an empire

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British dependent territories

Anguilla British colony since 1650. Economy reliant on tourism and export of lobsters. Governor: Alan Hoole, 53, partner in a Chesterfield firm of solicitors before his diplomatic career.

Bermuda Economy benefits from tourism and international company business. Governor: Lord (David) Waddington, 66, former Home Secretary, who plans to return to Britain early next year.

British Antarctic Territory Inhabited by scientists and technicians who run the British Antarctic Survey stations; administered by a commissioner in London.

British Indian Ocean Territory The islands of the Chagos archipelago, the largest of which is Diego Garcia; administered by a commissioner.

British Virgin Islands The Virgin Islands are divided between Britain and the US; Britain has 46, of which 11 are inhabited. Governor: David Mackilligin, 56, career diplomat. Hobbies (usefully) include walking and swimming in remote places.

Cayman Islands Three islands 150 miles south of Cuba, best known for its offshore companies and scuba diving. Governor: John Owen, 56, career diplomat and company chairman.

Falkland Islands: East Falkland, West Falkland and more than 100 small islands Governor: Richard Ralph, 49, career diplomat. Likes motorbikes.

Gibraltar Ceded to Britain by the Treaty of Utrecht. Governor and Commander- in-Chief: Field Marshal Sir John Chapple, 64, career soldier.

Hong Kong Will be handed over to Chinese rule on 1 July 1997. Governor and Commander-in-Chief: Chris Patten, 51, former Cabinet minister and Conservative Party chairman.

Montserrat Became a British colony in 1632, though captured three times by France. Governor: Francis Savage, 53, career diplomat. Interests include cricket and travel.

Pitcairn Islands Settled by the Bounty mutineers in 1790, Pitcairn is between New Zealand and South America. Governor: Robert Alston (High Commissioner to New Zealand), 58, career diplomat.

St Helena Nearly 1,000 miles south of the Equator in the south Atlantic. Principal exports are canned and frozen fish. Governor and Commander- in-Chief: David Smallman.

Turks and Caicos Islands More than 30, of which eight are inhabited; about 50 miles south-east of the Bahamas. Governor: Martin Bourke, 49, career diplomat; recreations include tennis, walking and amateur dramatics.