the queen's birthday honours

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The Prime Minister's List

Life Peers

Blyth, Sir James, deputy chairman and Chief executive, The Boots Company.

Cuckney, Sir John Graham, chairman, The Orion Publishing Group.

Eames, The Most Reverend Robert Henry Alexander, Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland. Habgood, The Most Reverend The Right Honourable John Stapylton, Archbishop of York.

Privy Councillors

Atkins, Robert James, MP for South Ribble and Minister of State for the Environment and the Countryside, Department of Environment.

Maclean, David John, MP for Penrith and the Border and Minister of State, Home Office.

Strathclyde, Baron, Chief Whip in the House of Lords and Captain of the Honourable Corps of the Gentlemen-at-Arms.

Companions of Honour

Lasdun, Sir Denys Louis, for services to architecture.

Mott, Sir Nevill Francis, for services to science.

Knights Bachelor

Bett, Michael, for services to training and to personnel managment.

Chataway, The Right Honourable Christopher John, chairman, Civil Aviation Authority, for services to the aviation industry.

Cobham, Michael John, chairmanm, Cobham, for services to the defence industry.

Colvin, Howard Montagu, for services to archtectural history.

Critchley, Julian Michael Gordon, MP for Aldershot, for political service.

Dowell, Anthony James, Artistic Director, Royal Ballet, for services to ballet.

Drummond, John Richard Gray, Director, BBC Promenade Concerts, for services to music.

Gainsford, Professor Ian Derek, Dean, Kings College Medical and Dental School, for services to medical and dental education.

George, Richard William, chairmam and managing director, Weetabix, for services to the food industry.

Gilbert, Martin John, for services to British history and to international affairs.

Gunn, Robert Norman, chairman, Further Education Funding Council for England, for services to further education.

Gurdon, Professor John Bertrand, John Humphrey Plummer Professor of Cell Biology, University of Cambridge, for services to devopmental biology.

Hadfield, Ronald, Chief Constable, West Midlands, for services to the police.

Harrison, Terence, chief executive, Rolls-Royce, for services to the engineering industry and to export.

Haselhurst, Alan Gordon Barraclough, MP for Saffron Walden, for political service.

Holt, Michael, for political service.

Hunt, Peter John, chairman and managing director, Land Securities plc, for services to the property industry.

Knox-Johnston, William Robert Patrick, for services to yachting.

Lofthouse, Geoffrey, MP, First Deputy Chairman of Ways and Means, House of Commons.

Peckham, Professor Michael John, Director of Research and Development, Department of Health, for services to medicine.

Prance, Prof essor Ghillean Tolmie, Director, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, for scientific services to conservation.

Richard, Cliff, for charitable services.

Roberts, Derek Harry, Provost, University College London, for services to engineering and to education.

Samuelson, Sydney Wylie, Commissioner, British Film Commission, for services to the film industry.

Shaw, Prof John Calman, chairman, Scottish Higher Education Funding Council, for services to higher education.

Shersby, Julian Michael, MP for Uxbridge, for political service.

Simon, David Alec Gwyn, group chief executive and deputy chairman, the British Petroleum Company, for services to the oil industry.

Stuttaford, William Royden, for political service.

Walford, Christopher Rupert, Lord Mayor of London, for services to the City of London.

Williams, Professor Glanmor, for services to the history, culture and heritage of Wales.

Order of the Bath

Knight Grand Cross (GCB)

Burns, Sir Terence, Permanent Secretary, Her Majesty's Treasury.

Knight Commander (KCB)

Fell, David, Head of the Northern Ireland Civil Service.

Stewart, James Moray, Second Permanent Secretary, MOD.

Companion (CB)

Beastall, JS, HM Treas. Bickford, JDP, fmr legal advr Security Service. Butler, CD, dir, Nat Savgs. Corlett, CW, dep chm, Inld Rev. Crozier, JS, ch exec, Trng and Emp Agy, Dept Econ Devel, N I. Goldman, AJ, DoT. Howe, M, Dir, Competition Pol, OFT, DTI. Jackling, RT, MOD. Johnston, IA, dir gen, TEED, D of Empl. Lowe, JD, Crown Agent, Crown Off, Scotld. Nichols, Miss DA, DoE. Osborne, A D, Treas Solicitors Dept. Rant, Judge JW, Judge Advocate Gen, Ld Chancellors Dept. Stapleton, G, ch exec, Intervention Bd Exec Agy, MAFF. Warren, RH, frmr mgg dir (progs), Def Resch Agy, MOD. Wool, Miss RJ, Dir of Hlth Care, Prison Serv, Home Off. Wroe, DCL, dep dir, Cent Stat Off.

Order of St Michael & St George

Knight Commander (KCMG)

Warner, Gerald Chierici, deputy secratary, Cabinet Office.

Companion (CMG)

Free, Prof JB, serv beekeeping worldwide.

Order of the British Empire

Dame Commander (DBE)

Anelay, Mrs Joyce Anne, for political and public service.

Barstow, Miss Josephine Clare, opera singer, services to music. Clark, Professor Margaret June, services to nursing.

Esteve-Coll, Mrs Elizabeth Anne Loosemore, Director, Victoria and Albert Museum.

Thorneycroft, Lady, for political service.

Commander (CBE)

Adams, DW, CPS. Arie, Prof THD, Fndtn Prof of Hlth Care of Eld, Nottingham Univ. Bardwell, GH, fmr persnl dir, Benefits Agency. Bates, AA, actor. Bennett, G, corp v-pres, Motorola, serv mfg, Scot. Blair, Prof GP, Prof of Mech Eng, The Queens Univ, Blfst. Bluglass, Prof RS, Prof of Frnsc Psychiatry, Birm Univ. Bodlender, JA, chm, Horwath UK, serv tourism. Bosnell, JR, FCO. Bourne, Prof FJ, dir, Inst for Animal Hlth, serv science. Bowman, WP, chm, Covent Gdn Mkt Auth. Breckenridge, Prof AM, Prof of Clinical Pharmacol, Liverpool Univ and v-chm, NW Reg HA. Brook, Helen Lady, pres, Brook Advis Cntrs. Broome, D, serv show jmpng. Brougham And Vaux, MJB, for polit serv. Bruton, Prof MJ, serv Univ of Wales Coll, Cardiff. Burridge, DM, dir, Euro Cntre for Med Range Wthr Forecasts. Burton, RM, v-pres, Jewish Mus. Calder, A, res and devel mgr, Zeneca Specialities. Carr, EAJ, ch exec, CADW. Clark, RA, dir (distrib), J Sainsbury, fmr pres, Freight Transpt Assn. Collier, AJ, Ch Educ Offr, Lancs. Corrin, JW, HM First Deemster and Dep Gov, Isle of Man. Cutler, TR, Dir Gen, FC. Davies, Prof Kay E, res scientist, Inst of Moleclr Med, Oxf Univ. Davies, Prof RD, fmr Prof of Physics, Man Univ, Dir, Nuffield Radio Astron Labs, Jodrell Bnk. Durlacher, NJ, chm, Lon Internat Finan Futures Exch. Ellis, Carol J, QC, editor, Law Rpts. Evans, J, ccl mbr, NS, Dir, Press Standards Bd of Fin. Foxall, C, mgg dir, NCM Credit Insurance. Franklin, Prof RN, V-Chan, City Univ, Lon. Fritsch, Miss E, potter. Gaisford, RW, dir, devel, Amerada Hess, serv oil ind. Gimblett, FGR, ch, Care Sector Consortium, Occup Stnds Ccl for Hlth and Soc Care. Gordon, GH, QC, Shrf of Glasg and Strathkelvin. Greenwood, PW, grp mgg dir, Molins. Guillaume, Mrs AR, for polit serv. Hankinson, Maj MES, for polit serv. Harper, Prof PS, Prof and Hd, Dept of Med Genetics, Univ of Wales Coll of Med and Dir, Inst of Med Gntcs for Wales. Hartley, PAH, fmr chm, Leeds Urb Devel Corp. Hazeldine, AJ, Dept of Env. Hodgson, Patricia A, Dir of Pol and Plng, BBC. Insley, CF, for polit serv. Jarvis, PJ, ch exec, Whitbread. Jebens, CF, fmr ch exec, Lautro. Jeffery, J, chm, mgg dir, N Surrey Wtr. Jerram, JJ, BR Bd. Glyn- Jones, CD, MoD. Jones, Mrs EA, for polit and publ serv. Jones, H, chm, Lab Grp, ADC and Ldr, Ccl of Wales Dstrs. Jones, Mrs S, serv ex-servmn and wmn. Lewis, D, for charit serv. Luff, RCW, fndr, dir, Robert Luff Charit Fndn, for charit serv med res. Lumsden, PJS, chm, Specl Trustees, St Thomas Hosp, Lon. Mallinson, MH, chm, D of Env's Prop Hldngs Agy Bd. Mathews, TF, Bldg Socs Commn. McAdam, J, chm, Brit Apparel and Textile Confedn. McCool, TJ, ch exec, Scott Vocational Educ Ccl. McDowall, JB, exec dir, BS, serv steel ind in Wales. McKenna, Mrs R, pres, Convn of Scot Loc Auths. McLean, HJF, appts sec to Archbishops of Cantab and York, serv Ch of Eng. Mills, LA, gen sec, BIFU, serv industrial rels and to trg. Minton, KJ, ch exec, grp mgg dir, Laporte, serv chem ind. Nicholls, RM, dir, NHS exec. O'Brian, P, author. O'Dowd, DJ, HM Insp of Constab, E Region. O'Neill, E, for polit serv. O'Neill, Miss OS, Prin, Newnham Coll, Camb Univ, serv polit philos. Ogston, Prof D, Prof of Med and V- Prin, Aberdeen Univ. Parker, AW, film dir. Parker, PAL, D of Empl. Pearce, BH, chm, Pearce Signs Grp, serv ind. Perry, MR, for polit serv. Petley, BW, NPL, DTI. Prenter, PR, chm, mgg dir, MacTaggart Scott and Co, serv def ind. Robertson, IA, ch exec, HIE, serv Highlnds and Islnds. Rudge, AW, dep grp mgg dir, BT. Russell, JH, chm, Japan Trade Advsrs, serv expt. Scott, J, chm, Revwng Comm on Exp of Wrks of Art and Trustee, Imp War Mus. Sharpe, JF, DoH. Shattock, DJ, Ch Const, Avon and Som Constab. Shelton, MS, fmr corp sec, Brit Coal Corp. Short, BD, DfE. Simmons, RJ, polit and publ serv. Smallridge, PW, Dir of Soc Srvs, Kent CC. Smith, A, chm, Nat Advsy Ccl on Emp of Pple with Disabs. Smith, GK, serv rugby un ftbll. Somerville, RDN, chm of govrnrs, City Technol Coll, Kingshurst, Solihull. Spencer, RE, MoD. Stoddart, JM, Prncip, V-Chan, Sheffld Hallam Univ. Stuart, CM, fmr dep chm, Audit Commn. Towers, J, ch exec, Rover Grp. Tyrrell, RC, fmr chm, NT for Scot. Upton, P, D Ops, Valn Off Agy, HM Bd of In Rev. Vereker, CJP, ldr, C Grp, Warwick CC. Walker, EJM, fmr chm, HEB for Scot. Wallace, DB, serv the pol. Ward, JM, serv ind and to publ life, Scot. Weir, Miss J, cmpsr, serv music. Wetzel, P, chm, Barnsley and Doncstr TEC. Williams, Prof A, Livesey Prof and Hd, Dept of Fuel and Energy, Leeds Univ. Williams, Mrs A, chm, MAFF N Mercia Reg Pnl, serv agric and commty, Staffs.

Officer (OBE)

Adams, D H, Ch exec, Railways Pension Trustee Company. Allan, I, serv rly preserv, publishing and to Bridewell R Hospital King Edwards School, Witley. Allen, JA, serv hsing assoc movement. Allison, Mrs J, serv athletics. Arnold, WJ, prin prof and tech offr, MOD. Ashton, WLG, fmr Div Vet Offr, Min of Agric. Ashwell, Mrs MA, mbr, food dv cte. Ashworth, JB, vice chm, Seagram Distillers plc and chm, Renfrewshire Enterprise. Aspinwall, R, chm, Aspinwall and Co, serv environmental mgemt. Asprey, Mrs ME, serv National Missing Persons Helpline.

Bader, Mrs P, mbr, Thames Valley Enterprise Training and Enterprise Ccl. Barker, M, Dept for Educ. Barkes, Mrs RV, polit and publ serv. Barr, AS, asst coll, HM Board of Cust and Excise. Battle, Mrs S, dep ch exec, Birmingham Ch of Comm and Ind. Bevan, JS, sec, Assoc for Cllges. Blane, AW, prin prof and tech offr, MOD. Bloor, JS, mgg dir, Triumph Motorcycles. Boatman, Mrs EA, serv wmn's golf. Bradford, Mrs HE, polit and publ serv. Braid, J, mbr, Fife Reg Ccl. Brewis, Miss EL, serv hlth care for children. Brice, RA, serv commty in Essex. Imrie-Brown, DW, char serv, partic to Rotary Int. Brown, Prof GW, Prof, Dept of Social Policy and Social Staff, R Holloway and Bedford New College, London, serv medical research. Bryant, RH, serv the commty in E Sussex. Burden, M H, tech dir, TI Reynolds Rings, serv scient eng. Burgess, A, Highways Agency, Dept of Trans. Burns, Mrs EK, dir, Voluntary Development Scot. Butcher, Mrs JM, asst coll, HM Board of Cust and Excise. Caden, Miss MRW, convnr, Gen Teaching Ccl for Scot.

Cairns, DH, fmr sec gen, Internat Accounting Standards Cttee. Cairns, JC, sec, Soldiers, Sailors and Airmens Families Assoc, Solihull, serv ex-servmen and women. Chambers, SJ, serv Relate. Chambers, RJH, fell, Inst of Development Studies, Univ of Sussex. Chapman, FJ, fmr chm, plan cttee, Birmingham City Ccl. Chappell, RW, serv optometry. Cheetham, Prof J, dir, Social Work Research Centre, Univ of Stirling. Cleaton, DR, serv careers educ. Clerk, RM, fmr chm of ccl, Assoc of Scottish District Salmon Fishery Bds. Common, JW, serv the ship ind, and charitable serv in Northumberland. Conway, L, serv social wk. Corns, J, for pol and publ serv. Crichton, OG, serv the Hotel and Catering Benev Assoc. Crystal, Prof D, serv Eng lang and to linguistics.

Davey, MJ, reg sec, T&GWU, serv ind rels. Davies, ARL, fmr sec, Civil Litigation Cttee, the Law Soc. Davies, DKL, chm, Cancer Research in Wales. Denny, ACH, serv the De Montfort Univ, Leicester. Duff, DH, Dept of Empl. Duffy, Miss CA, poet. Duffy, MN, hd teach, King Ed VI Schl, Morpeth, Northumberland. Dunn, D, port mgr, Assoc Brit Ports, Grimsby and Immingham, serv the port ind. Dunster, SG, treas, West Glam Cnty Ccl.

Eastland, Mrs BC, for pol and publ serv. Edmondson, Miss J, Emp Serv, Dept of Empl. Edridge, RAC, mkting dir, Combat Systems Div, BAeSEMA, serv the def ind. Edwards, Mrs CEN, pol and publ serv. Ellis, JN, fmr sec, Ccl of Civil Service Unions, serv ind rels. Emery, R, Vice-Pres, Canning House, serv Anglo/Latin American Rels. Emms, DA, serv educ. Evans, RKC, HM Treas. Evans, TAV, serv the commty including Welsh lang and cult in Powys.

Farquharson, ADM, serv forestry and commty in Aberdeenshire. Fenton, Sister P, serv the commty, partic St Michael and Martins Prim Schl, in Hounslow. Ferguson, Miss J, prin, Woking College, Surrey, serv educ. Ferguson, J, sec and regr, R Pharm Soc of GB, serv pharmacy. Ferreira, DME, gen mgr, Ravenglass and Eskdale Rlway. Ferris, Mrs ME, serv educ. Fleet, DG, reg dir, Opportunities for People with Disabilities. Foden, Mrs MA, chm, Walsall Hospitals NHS Trust. Footner, Mrs AMM, ch nurse advr, Frenchay Healthcare NHS Trust, Bristol. Formstone, HB, DTI. Forrest, RJ, farmer, serv agric in Berwickshire. Francis, CE, Welsh Office. Fuke, JA, for polserv. Fullerton, H, ch exec, Grampian Enterprise.

Galbraith, NR, Dir of Ed Leisure Serv, Western Isles Islands Ccl, and chm, Scot Cons Ccl on the Curriculum. Gallacher, JDS, serv catering ind. Ganderton, Prof D, chm, Brit Pharmacopoeia Commn, serv the contr of meds. Gardner, Prof D, dep mgg dir and dir of Eur projects, Military Aircraft Division, Brit Aerospace Defence Co. Gilhooly, F, Parl Complaints and Corresp mgr, HM Bd of In Rev. Gillespie, BJ, serv the commty in Tyne and Wear. Gleed, BG, prin engr, proj mgr for Safety Assessment of Naval Base Devs, UK A E Auth, serv the def ind. Gooch, MJ, DTI. Gordon, JB, chm, NE River Purification Bd, serv the commty in Banff and Buchan. Gott, J, Chief Commdt, Lancs Special Constab. Grainger, L, Dept of Trans. Greenland, Mrs DM, for pol and publ serv. Greensmith, RM, gen mgr, Special Network Servs, Brit Telecom. Greenwood, Mrs J, consult commty psychiatrist, Edinburgh Healthcare NHS Trust. Grimwade, AA, serv the Cedarmore Housing Assoc, Kent.

Hambling, Miss M, artist. Hampshire, S, (Lady Kulukundis), pres, Dyslexia Inst. Meredith-Hardy, Mrs PJ, mbr, Herts Probation Cttee. Harkness, Prof DW, serv museums. Harkness, NA, the Trade Mark Registry, the Patent Off, DTI. Hart, AJ serv magistracy in City of London. Hasnie, NS, co-ord for equal opp multi-cultural educ, Huddersfield Tech Coll, serv educ and to commty rels. Haynes, JH, chm, Haynes Publishing Gp. Hayward, Mrs JH, pres, the Attingham Trust, serv study of Brit country house. Head, BT, prin insp, HM Insp of Pollution, Dept of Env. Henderson, CD, Scott Off. Henry, Mrs LA, Dept of Health. Hewitt, RM, serv forestry. Hilliard, TA, for char serv in Surrey. Hillier, JM, dir of admin, West Mid Police. Hirst, AJ, dir, the Boat Museum and fmr chm, Assoc of Ind Museums. Holland, Lt Col RR, serv disabled ex-servmen and women. Holley, DP, for pol and publ serv. Horridge, Miss DM, Dept of Health. Hughes, DM, Chief Conservator (Wales), Forestry Commn. Husain, MH, gen med pract, Rotherham, South Yorks. Hutton, Mrs EIM, ltly pres National Childbirth Trust.

Ishiguro, K, writer. Izard, Mrs N J, serv women's cricket.

Jackson, CR, mbr, Wales Tourist Board, serv tourism in Wales. Jackson, MS, DSS. Jacobson, I, consult neurosurg, Dundee R Infirm. Jaffrey, S, actor. Jeffreys, RA, hon treas, the R Society of Chemistry. Jenkins, KJ, co-founder and Children and Youth Team mgr, commty Links. Jerrett, WA, serv med in Wales. Jewitt, MJ, district insp, HM Bd of In Rev. Jones, G, serv the commty, partic disabled people, in Wales. Jenkin-Jones, Mrs J, for pol and publ serv. Jones, Mrs J E, serv educ and to women's issues. Jones, JL, chm, National Farmers Union Welsh Ccl, serv agric in Wales. Jones, Mrs MC, fmr hdteach, Ysgol Pendalar, Caernarfon. Jones, S, ch exec, Boy's Brigade.

Keenleside, DG, serv the Univ of Man Inst of Science and Tech. Kendrick, MJ, Dir of Plan and Trans, Northamptonshire Cnty Ccl, serv road safety. Kennard, AHW, pres, National Cttee of Valuation Tribunals and Presdt, Bucks Valuation Tribunal. Kennedy, Mrs JAG, assoc dir, Ove Arup and Partners, serv women in eng. Kennedy, JP, legal serv the Band Aid Trust. Keogh, DPG, dep dir, N Ireland Works Org. Khan, AQ, hd, South Yorks Waste Regulation Unit. Khan, MA, Off for Stds in Educ. King, R, Chief Fire Offr, Dyfed Cnty FB. Kingdom, J, Dept of Env. Kingsdown, RD Lady, former pres, Brit Red Cross Society, Kent. Knox, JN, chm, Lawyers Christian Fellowship, serv legal prof. Krinks, FP, gen sec, Civil Service Sports Ccl.

Lee, JC, area chm, Sea Cadet Corps, NW Eng, serv yng people. Lee, NH, pres, Assn of Residential Letting Agents, serv letting ind. Lillyman, Mrs MC, hdteach, Millais Sch, Horsham, W Sussex. Littlewood, JM, consult paediatrics, St Jamess Univ Hosp, Leeds. Bruce-Lockhart, AJ, polit and publ serv. Lyburn, AU, mbr, Occupnl Pens Bd.

Mackay, Prof GM, Prof in Transport Safety, Univ of Birmingham. Mackenzie, Miss R, exec dir, Nottingham Playhouse. Machon, JHN, serv commty Guernsey. Mackay, Mrs SS, polit and publ serv. Mackie, BD, polit and publ serv. Males, Mrs A, Chf Admin Nursing Offr, Mid-Glamorgan HA. Martin, JH, serv constructn ind. Martin, SR, serv agric. Mathers, AP, dir, Armoured Fighting Vehicle Projects, GKN Defence. Matthews, E, ltly dir, Edinburgh Vol Orgs Ccl and Scottish Refugee Ccl. Maun, ER, Principal Scientific Offr, MoD. Maxwell, JH, serv newspaper ind and commty Cumbria. McAlpine, IM, polit and publ serv. McFarlane, J, exec dir, Standard Chartered. McInerney, Prof JP, Glanely Prof of Agric Policy, Univ of Exeter, serv agric econs. McInnes, J, serv commty, partic Abbeyfield Soc, Kendal, Cumbria. McKechnie, Miss SM, serv homeless. McKinstry, RJ, serv archture. McLaren, WP, serv broadcasting and rugby union football. Messenger, MF, Cnty Librarian and Arts Offr, Hereford and Worcester Cnty Ccl. Millar, WJ, NI Office. Millham, Prof SL, dir, Dartington Social Research Unit, serv young people. Mitchell, GM, Seneschal, Priory for Wales, Order of St John. Mitchell, JC, chm, Working Group on Food and Agriculture for Central and Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union, serv expt. Monaghan, BP, district insp, In Rev. Monks, JC, chm, Dental Rates Study Group. Moore, Miss J, hdteach, Oswaldtwistle Rhyddings Cnty High Schl, Lancs. Moran, PJ, Treas Solicitors Dept. Morbey, Mrs GA, dir, Sense Scotland, serv deaf and blind people. Paterson-Morgan, JA, fmr chm, Advisory Comm for Gen Commr, Acton and Kensington, serv the gen commrs for income tax. Moynihan, Jonathan, Group Ch exec, PA Consulting, serv busnss. Murray, AM, dir, Dept of Med Physics and Bio- Engineering, Raigmore NHS Trust, Inverness. Murray, NW, serv commty in Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear.

Neil, JWM, prin, Dumfries and Galloway College, serv educ. Newman, Mrs JB, serv the National Missing Persons Helpline. Nicol, Mrs ME, serv womens issues. Nock, JCB, for polit and publ serv. Norbury, Alan, Home Off, Norman, G, fmr Dep Sec of Commns (Training), Lord Chancellors Dept. Norton, Miss EM, Assist Ch Const, Leics Constab, serv the pol.

O'Hea, J, chm, Colt Group, serv busnss and to trg and res. Oscroft, AV, ltly Dir of Housing, Nottingham City Ccl. Owen, IAS, fmr parl corr, FT.

Page, W Cdr AG, founder, Battle of Britain Memorial Trust. Paige, E, singer and actress. Pape, TVF, dir gen, Shaw Trust, serv people with disabilities. Perry, BJ, fmr dir, Brit Lib Research and Dev Dept. Plumridge, Miss CA, MoD. Pounder, RC, vice pres, Submarine Old Comrades Assoc, Merseyside. Pratt, JW, serv Portland College, Notts.

Radley, EJ, for polit and publ serv. Ranson, Miss JC, FCO. Reynolds, Maj I W, for polit serv. Roberts, GV, serv blind people in Forest of Dean. Stewart-Roberts, Mrs PK, serv the commty, partic St John Amb, E Sussex. Robinson, DN, co-founder and dir, Commty Links. Robinson, Mrs JRM, for polit and publ serv. Ruddock, Mrs JE, serv ind. Rutter, D, fmr Ch exec, Hotel and Catering Training Company, serv tourism.

Sainsbury, AJ, serv sport for disabled people. Salisbury, P, mgg dir, Peter Brotherhood, serv busnss in Cambshire. Saunders, A, internat mgr, Assoc of Brit Insurers. Scott, W, mgg dir and Ch exec, Ferguson Shipbuilders. Sexton, MJ, ODA. Seymour, GJ, Sen Principal Valuer, In Rev. Shaw, JM, ltly HMSen Insp of Mech Eng in Mines, Health and Safety exec, Dept of Empl. Sherriff, Mrs EA, for polit serv. Shove, Miss PL, Princ Sci Offr, MoD. Sims, Mrs R, Ch exec, Mildmay Hospital, Hackney, Lond. Sloggett, JE, sec, Inst of Marine Eng. Smail, Miss I, ltly mbr, Castle Morpeth Bor Ccl, Nthbld, serv loc gov. Smallwood, T, exec chm, Badgerline Group. Smith, Miss SD, serv Ord Surv. Smyth, DD, serv hlth care. Snowden, C, City Engineer, City of London. Southgate, MJHP, dep mgg dir, Euro Passenger Servs, serv the rly ind. Staple, Rev D, gen sec, Free Church Fed Ccl, serv ecumenical rels. Steinitz, Prof R, founder and artistic dir, Huddersfield Contemp Music Fest. Stewart, RA, ltly hdteach, Bishopbriggs High School, Strathclyde. Stiff, JB, ltly Firemast, Dumfries and Galloway Fire Brigade. Struthers, AJ, ltly chm, Caledonian MacBrayne. Swain, H, serv magistracy, Leeds. Swan, RC, serv polar exploration. Sweeting, Prof MN, mgg dir and Ch exec, Surrey Satellite Technology.

Thin, RNT, consult physn, Genito-Urinary Medicine, St Thomas Hospital, London. Thomas, HM, sen ptnr, Price Waterhouse, Wales, serv busnss in Wales. Thornton, MS, ltly chm, Groundwork Amber Valley, Derbs, serv envirnmnt. Todd, S, pres and Ch exec, Rolls-Royce Industries Canada Inc, serv aero engine ind. Travers, RA, serv Leonard Cheshire Fndn and Ryder-Cheshire Fndn. Tuckett, AJ, dir, Nat Inst of Adult Continuing Educ. Tulley, Prof WJ, chm, E Surrey Dial-a-Ride. Tupper, TJ, sen fin policy advr, In Rev. Turner, P, DSS Benefits Agency. Twells, HN, chm, Export Clubs Advsy Comm.

Underhill, Mrs B, chm, Disabled Mens Industries, R Brit Legion, serv R Brit Legion.

Varney, AG, Prof and Tech Suptnding Grade, MoD. Vernon, JH, for polit and publ serv. Villiers, Mrs CM, vice pres, Red Cross, Lond.

Wakeford, GMM, serv Wshpfl Co of Mercers. Walker, HN, DHSS. Wallace, JW, trumpeter. Walsh, JD, hd, Particle Physics Div, Part Physics and Astronomy Resch Ccl. Ware, VR, credit dir, GE Capital Retailer Fincl Sers. Webster, DP, chm, Commwlth Games Ccl for Scotland. Whalley, B, Prinl Lectr, Civil Service College, OPSS. Wilcock, JR, District Insp, In Rev. Wilson, HJA, ltly Dir of News and Regl Dev, Anglia TV. Wilson, LJ, mgg dir, Bristol Airport. Wisdom, N, actor and comedian, serv entmnt and chartble serv. Woodhouse, AP, MAFF. Wootton, FAA, serv RAF. Wrangham, EA, serv flood defence and envnmnt, NE Eng. Wright, DA, serv magistracy, Huddersfield. Wright, DS, Chf Med Offr, BP, serv occptnl hlth. Wykes, Mrs JK, chm, Thames Regl Rivers Advsy Comm, NRA.

Young, RWJ, Insp of Schls, Scott Off.

Member (MBE)

Adams, JA, ltly Const, Met Pol. Affleck, George M, serv Schools Assoc Football in Dalkeith, Midloth. Agarwal, KK, Gen Med Pract, Newcastle under Lyme, Staffs. Agwuna, BM, dir, Charles Wootton College, Liverpool. Ainscough, TG, ltly mbr, Bracknell Forest Boro Ccl. Allen, Mrs BL, pres, RNLI, Whitefield, Manchester. Allen, MH, non-operational stn offr, London Fire and Civ Def Auth. Allison, Mrs J T, pte sec, Cumbernauld Dev Corp. Allott, Mrs P, serv Lymington Commty Centre, Hants. Anderson, DR, Army Training Rgt, Glencorse. Andrew, CR, serv rugby union . Armstrong, Miss TP, serv the housing assoc movement. Armstrong, WF, for po and publ serv. Asby, Mrs J, serv the commty in West Wales. Ash, TA, hd warden, National Trust, NW Devon. Ashman, BJ, fmr gov, HM Prison Ashwell. Ashton, RJ, for pol and publ serv. Atkinson, Mrs MO, serv life-saving in NE Eng. Averis, Mrs A, serv the Fox Green Gateway Club, Birmingham.

Baisden, Mrs CE, dir Parentline. Baker, DJ, sen storekpr, MOD. Baker, DA, serv the commty in Worcs. Baker, Mrs MG, dir of welf dev, Parkinson's Disease Soc. Baker, Mrs VM, serv the commty in Old Windsor, Berks. Bannigan, Mrs AT, Admin Asst, Dept of Health and Soc Serv. Banting, SA, chm of govs, Bournville College of Fr Educ Corp, Birmingham. Barker, AC, disability consultant, Steering Developments. Barker, JR, serv the commty in Louth, Lincs. Barker, Mrs S, ltly Sen Inf Offr, COI. Barnes, Mrs D, Dept of Agric. Barnes, Mrs GR, dir, National Asthma Training Centre, Stratford- upon- Avon, Warwicks. Bates, TH, journalist, Daily Telegraph. Beardsley, PA, serv to football. Becquet, Mrs ML, chm, Jersey Meals on Wheels Serv. Bell, P, postman, London. Bennett, Miss JM, serv elderly and their carers in Hammersmith, London. Berry, Mrs PY serv race rels in Central Region. Bethell, HJN, GP, Farringdon, Hants. Bewley, JM, group pers mgr, Co-Op Wholesale Soc Agric, serv hlth and safety in agric. Bidmead, NG, ltly frmn, Atomic Weapons Establishment. Biggs, G C, Ch exec, South Shrops Dist Ccl. Bird, J, editor, The Big Issue, serv homeless people. Birtles, Mrs J, serv the Family Placement Scheme, Ches. Bishop, Mrs HP, fmr dep area rep, Save the Children Fund, Beds and Herts. Black, Mrs SE, mbr, Bd of Visitors, HM Prison Acklington. Black, WJM, Farms and Est Dir, Scottish Agric Coll. Blagdon, TE, Gp Scout Ldr, 1st Brixham and Yealmpton Sct Group, Devon. Blake, AG, serv the commty in Aberporth, Dyfed. Bleach, HA, serv the commty in Chichester, W Sussex. Blood, Miss M, serv equal opps and to industrial rels. Bowden, JL, serv the commty in Warminster, Wilts. Bowles, FB, serv the commty in South Glam. Boyd, Mrs E serv cancer care in Ayrshire. Boyd, Mrs EG, ltly Admin Offr, Home Off. Boyd, RJ, serv sport in Lanarks. Bradbury, Mrs M B, ltly ldr, ind gp, High Peak Boro Ccl. Brassington, Miss L, Sen Pers Sec, Cabinet Off. Bremner, Mrs I, serv young people in Ross and Cromarty. Brokenshire, JEC, serv the commty in Shrops. Brown, A, serv the Boy's Brigade. Brown, Miss CDP, designer, National Portrait Gallery. Brown, GW, Det Chief Insp, Lothian and Bdrs Police. Brown, Mrs HC, serv the commty in Yeovil, Somerset. Brown, N, ltly drvr, Trainload Freight, BR. Brown, Capt NP, chm, Management Cttee, Sea Cadet Corps, Parkstone, Dorset. Brown, RJ, ltly restructuring dir, BR Infrastructure Services, BR. Bruce, AA, Group Scout Ldr/Cub Ldr, 3rd Tweeddale Scout Troop, serv Scouting andcommty in Peeblesshire. Bryant, John, ltly ldng res worker, Forestry Commn. Bryant, KF, shop devel mgr, European Service, NAAFI. Buckland, Mrs J, Chair, Arundel Festival. Buckle, AG, porter, serv the Covent Garden Market Auth. Bugg, Mrs JA, chm of govs, Lord Williams VC School, Thame, Oxon. Bull, PA, for char serv. Burn, JC, GP, Brampton, Cumbria. Burnett, Miss JE, exec offr, DSS. Burnham, LG, sec, 48th Tank Rgt Assoc. Burson, JP, serv mount rescue in Wales. Butcher, AEG, Div Offr, Special Const, Essex Police. Butcher, GJ, Sen Tech Offr, ACPO No 2 Region. Butler, Mrs B, Chief Comm, Special Const, Kent Cnty Const. Byrne, EA, chm, Crime Prevention Panel, Avon and Somerset, serv crime prev. Byrne, TJ, prof and tech offr, dept of health and soc serv.

Cadogan, Mrs D serv the commty, partic the National Eisteddfodau, in Swansea. Cahm, Miss JC, national co-ord, Buswatch, and chm, National Fed of Bus Users. Callaghan, Mrs MG, Dept for Educ. Calvert, MJ, serv the commty in Surrey. Campbell, J, serv young people. Campbell, RD, chm, Brit Light Aviation Centre and chm, UK Aircraft Owners and Pilots Assoc. Campion, TG, serv Imperial Pensioners Action Call. Canciani, Mrs S, serv the NHS in S Wales. Cannon, J, textile eng, Dangerfield Mill, Hawick, serv the ind heritage of Borders. Cantwell, AD, for pol serv. Cargill, D, ltly mechanic, Arbroath Lifeboat Station, RNLI, serv safety at sea. Carr, DS, Durham Cnty Fire and Resc Brig. Carr, GW, serv Stars Org sptng Action for People with Cerebral Palsy. Carrington, Miss BJ, rpt, Herts Advtsr. Carter, Mrs SMR, ltly Admin Offr, Radiocomm Agy, DTI. Cartman, Mrs B, serv disabled people in Staffs. Caskey, IS, serv fire serv. Castles, Miss BJ, ltly pers sec, ODA. Caunce, J, mbr, St Helens Metro Brgh Ccl. Chandler, Mrs VJ, DoE. Charles, Mrs SR, serv NHS in S. Glam. Edmund-Charles, Mrs ZAP, serv commty in Leytnstn, London. Charlton, Mrs A, chr, E. Cleveland MS Soc. Chetham, Miss MM, serv animal welf Devon. Chipperfield, Alan, chf clrk, Admiss Ord Off, Hse Cmmns. Christmas, Mrs M, DTI. Christopherson, Mrs K, serv commty Salisbury, Wilts. Church, Mrs BJ, pres, Frnds Estbrne Hsptls. Claber, Mrs B, serv NT Cheshire. Clarke, J, conslt road eng, for humanitarian serv Tanzania. Clarke, Mrs NB, sec, Innr Lon Prob Serv Rtrd Staff Assoc. Cleave, AJ, wdn, Bramley Frith Study Centre, Hants Cnty Ccl. Cleghorn, William Thomson Mercer, serv acctcy prof. Cobbold, Miss S, sen pers sec, Welsh Office. Cockburn, GP, Bus Develpt Dir, Yng Engs, Stdng Conf on Schls Sci and Tech. Cohn, HH, int offr, Nat Fed of Blind, Ed Viewpoint. Coker, BS, chm govs, Palmers Coll, Essex. Cole, Mrs EM, ltly Aux Cstgd, Ops Rm Asst, Marine Rescue Co-ord Ctre, Swansea. Collier, Mrs M, HM Treas. Collins, Mrs BA, pers sec, H&S exec, DoE. Colvan, TDH, chr, Mdowsde and Thrnwd Hsing Ass. Cook, AR, serv Scott Fiddle Music. Cook, Miss G, serv Sct Mvmt London. Cook, WG, serv indr bwlng Cwmbran. Cooper, Mrs DA, hon sec, Leics Occ S and H Ass. Cooper, Mrs FAA, serv commty in Hexton, Herts. Cooper, SA, serv disabl in Stoke on Trent, Staffs. Cornelissen, Mrs DT, ltly admin asst, MoD. Cosser, Miss DM, serv Grls Brigd Oxon and nat. Cox, Miss BJ, nurs sis, Brit Coal Corp. Allen-Cox, Miss K, ltly pers sec, DoE. Cox, Michael John, Con, Norfolk Constab. Crabtree, Miss BAe, ltly hdteach, Colston Bassett Prim Sch, Notts. Crawford, JM, serv fire serv. Crowhurst, AL, sen prison offr, HM Prison, Lewes. Crowley, AL, serv young people in W. Glam. Cruickshank, Mrs G, serv Guiding Abdeenshr. Cumming, C, sen exec offr, fmr Hd PG Trng Supt Sect, Eng and Phys Sci Rsch Ccl. Cunningham, Mrs C, lndry wkr and smstrss, Strathcarron Hospice, Stlngshr. Cunningham, RR, serv commty E. Lothian. Curran, Mrs BA, sch ctrng mgr, Park Walk Prim Sch, Ken and Chels Local Ed Auth. Curran, JG, serv sea fshng ind.

Darby, SJ, ltly hd, commty Nrse Devpt Team, Cam and Islngtn, Lond. David, MV, serv commty Cowbridge, S. Glam. Davies, EW, serv Welsh Pony and Cob Soc. Davies, Miss S, chrgrphr and art dir, Siobhan Davies Dance Co. Davies, TPL, polit and publ serv. Davis, Mrs BL, chf exec, Alliance of Indep Rtlrs and Bus. Davis, CM, Offr, NIO. Davis, HC, serv hortclt Nantwich, Chesh. Davis, Mrs W, serv commty Hendon, Tyne and Wear. Corte, EC De, chm, Bd of Pris Vstrs, HM Prison Full Sutton. Delbridge, SHMt, ltly con, Northants Pol. Delf, BW, educ dir, Techniquest, Cardiff. Denton, A, macebearer and esct to Mayor, Lond Boro Rdbrdge. Denyer, MJ, mgg dir, Fowler Bros (Cowfold), serv bldng ind. Dick, D, ltly est mgr, Cumnock Area Off, Scottish Homes. Dickinson, PH, mbr, Med Appls Tribs. Dillon, H, polit serv. Dimmock, AF, ltly chm, Ptsmth Deaf Centre. Dobby, Mrs LM, pstwmn, R Mail, Swansea. Doherty, CPJ, mast and aerial fttr, Na Transcmmns. Donald, GFJ, serv Scott entertnmnt. Dottridge, D, serv Lightwing Projs, HM Prison, Parkhurst. Dowe, PW, hd, Bldng Serv, Univ of Westmin. Draper, BE, sen tech, flood def, NRA. Drennan, Mrs E, hdteach, St Davids Prim Sch, Johnstone, Rfrewshre. Dunn, Maj JK, chm and hon sec, Tynmth Life Svng Brigd.

Edwards, Mrs AMA, admin offr, MoD. Edwards, AG, spply mgr, Thames Wtr Util. Edwards, Mrs CB, serv commty Teesdale, Co Durhm. Edwards, MJ, nrw bt skip, serv hndcppd and disabld. Ellery, WJ, stn offr, Dorset Fire Brigd. Elliott, Mrs C, hlth vstr, serv hlth care for ethnic mins. Ellis, FJ, UK cmmerc dir, Davy Internat. Ellis, J, v-p, R Welch Fusiliers Cmrds Ass, Welshpool, Powys. Ellis, JSM, ltly hd music, Northcliffe Sch Conisbrgh, Doncs. Ellis, Miss MP, regr, R Free Hosp Sch Med, Univ Lond. English, Miss E, sec, Clevld Constab. Evans, TJ, serv commty Llysfaen, Clwyd. Everett, Mrs CE, sen exec offr, OPCS. Everitt, PFC, serv WaterAid.

Fagan, DA, polit serv. Faichney, WK, ltly custdn, Dunblane Cathdrl. Farlam, Mrs YM, sales asst, Boots the Chemist. Farr, JMl, polit serv. Farr, WR, chrtble serv Cambs. Farrar, AM, frst engr, Rsrch and Eng, Nat Power plc. Farries, TC, pres, TC Farries and Co, serv publshng and libs. Faulkner, BL, con, Thames Valley Pol. Fawcett, Mrs J, chr, Stockwell Prk Tenants Ass, serv commty Brixton, Lond. Fearn, Mrs E, serv commty Ashbrne, Derbys. Fenton, W, pol advsr, Know How Fund, serv Anglo/Polish Rlts. Fenty, RG, fm wkr, Roslin Inst, Midloth, serv sci animal res. Fiddler, Mrs EM, pers sec, Cardiff Bay Dvlmt Corp. Field, DT, furntr des and mkr. Finch, Mrs K, for chrtble serv in the W Mids. Fisher, EM, AEA Tech, serv nuc ind. Flanders, Mrs DJ, exec offr, MoD. Fletcher, Mrs S, polit and publ serv. Ford, J, DfE. Ford, NH, sfty offr, Tarmac Roadstone (Sthrn). Forrest, RA, ltly cstdn NT, Houghton Mill, Cambs, serv flour milling ind. Foster, NJ, chf rent offr, Notts, serv hous. Foster, Miss RJ, sen pers sec, Dept Econ Dvlmt. Frain, IM, mbr, Kincardine and Deeside Dist Ccl. France, Mrs B, admin offr, DSS. Frayne, F, serv pol. Freeman, RJ, mgg dir, Vision Enging, serv mech and elec inspctn systms. Fresco, M, sports photographer. Frier, Miss AS, for affrs prodcer, ITN.

Gallagher, JC, constable, Cambs Constab. Ganley, Mrs SM, loc offr 2, DSS. Garrett, Mrs DM, serv R Star and Garter Home. Garton, Miss JM, Sen lectr in Scandinavian Studies, Univ of East Anglia. Gee, Mrs JM, Sen Scntfc Offr, Inst of Food Rsch, Norwich. Gething, Mrs HM, serv CAB, Fleet, Hants. Gibbs, E, serv homeless in Bradford, WYorks. Gibson, Miss J, clrk, Grazings Comtee of Achadaphail and Lee Townships, Mull, serv agric, Isle of Mull. Gifford, Mrs ML, mgr, Aldeburgh Cinema, Suffolk, serv film and commty. Ginns, WM, hon sec, Channel Islands Occptn Soc. Goller, I, treas, Nat Extnsn Coll, Camb. Gordon, WJ, serv occptnl hlth and safety. Gore, Mrs AV, serv nature consvtn. Gorman, Mrs IL, admin offr, MoD. Goss, ET, serv commty, Chingford, Essex. Goucher, Mrs G, Ch exec and dir, N Derbs Chamber of Commerce. Goucher, Mrs M, serv commty. Grant, AR, radio offr, LondFCDA. Gray, Mrs LE, serv commt,y Northants. Gray, Mrs MJ, serv commty. Greaves, Mrs A, polit serv. Green, DME, serv mentally hndcppd, Essex. Greet, Miss FR, housemother-i/c, R Untd Sers Sht Stay Res for service chldn, Plymouth. Gregg, H, serv assn football. Greig, NA, Obs Cdr, R Obs Corps, MoD. Gresham, DF, serv elderly, Surrey. Griffin, JM, Sen Prof and Tech Offr, MoD. Grimes, P, serv educ. Gulston, Miss LP, serv Cats Protection League. Gummer, Mrs Jane Elizabeth, serv the probation serv and to the magistracy. Gupta, Mrs P, serv archture.

Haining, PM, serv rowing. Haldane, JD, serv marge counslng and fam serv, Fife. Hall, Mrs KM, organiser, meals on wheels, WRVS, Liverpool. Hall, Mrs MG, serv elderly and disabled in Edenbridge and Stangrove, Kent. Hallas, Mrs SH, for chartble serv, Chesh. Hamilton, A, serv hosp brdcstng, West Fife. Hampson, AJ, sen mgr, R Mint. Harbinson, CAJ, drvr, Govt Car Service, DoEnv. Hardie, WD, serv Scotsh enttnmt. Hardy, E, ltly mgr, Kiveton Colliery, Brit Coal Corp, serv Order of St John. Harrington, T, serv Cumblnd and Westmlnd wrestling. Harris, Mrs B, polit serv. Harris, GW, serv commty in Whitch, Shrops. Harris, RP, train opr, LU, serv publ trnspt. Harrity, Mrs ES, dir, Book Aid Internat, serv devlping countries. Hart, MW, serv jazz in Scotland. Hart, RJ, serv the pol. Hartley, Mrs BJ, hon sec, RA F Assoc, Winchester, Hants. Harvey, Mrs M, serv commty, Thanet, Kent. Hayden, Percy, ltly res associate, ICI, serv catalyst devel. Hayes, Mrs JB, serv M&S. Heather, JE, ch engr, W S Atkins, serv civil engring. Henderson, DR, mgg dir, North Cape (Scotld), serv expt. Henderson, WH, serv ports ind. Henshaw, D, chair, Trafford Disab Peoples Forum and chair, DisabMotorists Club, Grtr Mancheste. Herrod, CA, mgr, Scientc Servs, Internat Combustn, serv engring. Hesford, N, higher exec offr, DSS. Hetherington, Miss M, serv commty, Clitheroe, Lancs. Hide, Miss JEM, pers sec, Merseyside FCDA. Hill, Mrs JP, serv flower arrgg and commty in N Midlands. Hill, PJ, cameraman, serv brdcstng. Hinshalwood, Mrs AS, ltly mbr, Lanarks Hlth Bd. Hirst, AG, mbr, Merseyside Probatn Comm. Holland, Mrs JM, polit serv. Holmes, Mrs IT, serv blind. Holmes, Mrs JT, serv Girls Brigde. Hood, Mrs AM, serv commty in Shipley, WSussex. Horn, Mrs M, serv Winterton Hosp, Cleveland. Horrocks, FRA, area rep, Not Forgotten Assocn, serv ex-servmen and women. Howard, J, emergencies tech advr, humnitrn serv, Rwanda. Howard, PS, serv Hosp Saving Assoc Chrtble Trust and to commty, Hants. Howard, Mrs SM, serv the commty in Chalfont St Giles, Bucks. Howell, AE, Forest of Dean, serv Forestry and Free Mining. Howells, RM, serv agric in Wales. Humphreys, AL, hon sec, Nat Fed of Far Eastern Prisoners of War Clubs and Assocs. Humphries, JH, mgr, Logistics Support Gp, Ultra Electronics, serv defence ind. Humphries, Miss SM, hd teach, Coombs Infant School, Arborfield, Berks. Hurst, Mrs JR, for polit serv. Hutchings, CE, higher exec offr, Dept of Empl. Hutchinson, Mrs D, chm, Altrincham and Bowden Branch, RNLI. Hutchinson, J, supt, RSPCA. Huxter, EW, serv sport and recreatn in Inner Lond.

Ince, Mrs P, serv hlth care and commty, Cornwall. Inger, T, ltly valuatn asst, In Rev. Innes, Mrs A, ltly pers sec, Welsh Office. Irvine, Miss NP, serv hlth care.

Jackson, DN, serv commty, Chester. Jackson, Mrs J, polit serv. James, K, prodn serv mgr, Sony UK, Bridgend, Mid-Glamorgan, for charitble wk and sppt within electrons ind. James, V, course ldr in applied maths, John Ruskin College, London. Jamieson, Mrs JA, for polit serv. Jane, Mrs MM, ltly teachg auxiliary, St Columbas RC High Schl, Dunfermline. Jefford, ML, PAYE analyst, In Rev. Jeffrey, JA, hon sec, Nthn Counties Assoc, Inst of Civil Engs. Jenkins, Miss DM, prog dir and Eurpn Dev Dir, Common Purpose, serv urbn regeneratn. Jenkins, Mrs H, sec, SSAFA, Rhymney Valley, Mid- Glam. Jensen, Mrs DM, Admin Offr, Cstms and Excise. Jobson, T, ltly dir, George Gibson and Co, serv shippg ind. Johnson, Mrs IB, serv yng, Essex. Johnson, JC, serv commty, Alnwick, Northmbld. Johnston, Mrs MD, serv Mems Trust of the Inst of Materials. Jones, Mrs HM, orgr, mls on wls, WRVS, Rhos, Wrexham, Clwyd. Jones, OR, serv St Eilian Chch, Llaneilian, NWales. Jones, Rhys, serv choral music. Jones, VOS, Ch exec, Coal ind Soc Welf Org, Brit Coal Corp. Jowitt, JD, GP, Brixham, Dev.

Keedle, JJ, chm, mgemt cttee, 61 Youth Club, Amersham, Bucks. Keel, I, ltly mbr, Woodspring District Ccl. Kelly, Miss I, hlth visitr, Lancs. Kelly, J, serv educ. Kennedy, AJ, hill sheep farmer. Kennett, DG, ltly coxswain, Yarmouth (IoW) lifeboat, RNLI. Kennington, DB, serv Scoutg in Fylde, Lancs. Kentish, Mrs J, foster carer, Borehamwood, Herts. Kerr, Miss MC, sen mgr, expt finnce, Banque Paribas, serv expt. Khan, MI, exec offr, MoD. Khan, ZJ, serv race rels and to the commty in Tyne and Wear. Kilshaw, D, compliance mgr, In Rev. Kimbell, Mrs H, serv MAFF and Foods Consmr Pnl. Kingsford, Maj AF, treas, SSAFA, N Sefton, Merseyside. Kirkham, G, serv educ. Kitchen, DH, serv St Hildas E Commty Centre, Spitalflds, Lon. Kitson, Mrs M, serv commty, Brookside, Telford, Salop. Knee, NH, chm, mgemt cttee, Sea Cadet Corps, Trowbridge, Wilts, serv yng pple. Knight, F Lewis, serv commty, partic eld pple, in Irchester, Northants. Lambden, Mrs JMR, sch crsg patrl wrdn, Hants CC, serv rd sfty and to commty,Tadley. Lamont, H, prin lighthse kpr, Mull of Kintyre Lthse. Langdon, AJ, serv emp, Porthmadog, Gwynedd. Larkin, Mrs SM, sch crsg patrl offr, Kent CC, serv rd sfty. Latter, RAC, mgr, Structrl Steel Mrktg Sectns, Plates and Comrcl Steels, BS. Lee, RE, for polit serv. Lemonheigh, Mrs A, for chrtble serv Motor Neurone Dis Assn. Leverage, GH, complnce mgr, Bd of In Rev. Lewis, Mrs EB, pers sec, Home Off. Lewis, Miss MG, serv archery. Lind, GMcN, for polit and publ serv. Lindsay, JSWS, higher exec offr, DTI. Littler, JA, serv busnss and to commty, Altrincham, Cheshire. Littler, WH, serv agric, Cheshire. Livingstone, S, for chrtble serv. Lloyd, Mrs K, for polit serv. Locke, HW, supt grd band 1, MAFF. Long, Mrs E, nrsry teach, Dunraven PS, Mid-Glam, serv educ. Lovell, WF, v-chm, Welwyn and Dist Roads Sfty Comm. Lovett, Mrs MES, serv commty, Wilstone and Long Marston, Herts. Lower, Mrs FM, serv yng pple, partic Nottingham Access Cntre, in Notts. Lyall, Mrs FJ, serv commty, partic hlth care, Grampian. Lyne, Mrs M, serv bwlng for disbld pple.

Macclure, Miss HJH, serv Red Cross. Macdonald, DC, ltly publ rels offr, Heriot-Watt Univ, serv educ. Mackay, the Rev D, serv Boys' Club mvmnt. Mackillop, the V Rev Fthr RA, vol obs, Met Off, Ft Augustus, Inverness- shire. Macleod, D, ltly techn, Scot Amb Srvce. Mack, Miss AE, serv med, Glasgow. Magill, BG, serv the pol. Maisey, AJ, ltly Forest District mgr, FC. Mann, F, serv commty, Dunfermline, Fife. Marnoch, DG, ch exec, Aberdeen Chamb of Com, serv ind in NE Scot. Martin, Miss AC, serv Lnrd Cheshire Fndn. Mathieson, RT, trctr drvr, Nuneaton and Bedworth BC. Maxwell, F, agric editor, the Scotsman. McCabe, Miss P, serv hmlss pple, Maidstone, Kent. McCredie, Miss VF, nurs sist, Hampstead Day Hosp for Oldr Pple, R Free Hosp, Lon. McDonnell, Mrs A, co-ord, Gateshd Victim Suppt Scheme. McFarland, K, serv the pol. McGarry, M, exec offr, DSS. McKay, Mrs BSE, exec Offr II, DfE. McKnight, CD, for polit serv. McMillan, WL, serv agric. McNally, Mrs J, serv prisoner welf. Meanley, GRG, life pres, Radio Warneford, for chrtble serv, Leamington Spa, Warwicks. Meddle, AV, mbr, Kent and Essex Sea Fshrs Comm. Medlicott, Mrs CH, serv commty, Knighton, Powys. Mehta, H, serv commty, Crawley, W Sussex. Melhuish, Mrs GR, foster carer, Chiddingfold, Surrey. Mellor, RF, v-chm, Avon FHSA. Melville, WA, spec constable, Nthrn Constab, serv the pol. Meredith, Mrs LS, serv commty, Dyfed. Merridan, K, grounds mgr, Univ Coll Lon. Merritt, P, frmn fitter, Vickers Shipbldg and Engg, serv defence ind. Miller, Miss JH, hlth visitor, Grtr Glasgow HB. Millidge, Miss MP, serv commty, Feering, Colchester. Miskelly, J, serv educ. Mitchell, Mrs OR, serv commty, Brancaster Staithe, Norfolk. Money, DG, sec and treas, Grenadier Guards Assn, Sussex. Moore, Mrs J, serv commty, Hook, Surrey. Morgan, Maj ARH, ltly hd, Poppy Appl Dept, RBL. Morgan, Mrs M, typist, MoD. Morris, Lt Cdr BF, ltly hon sec, Weymouth Lfbt Stn, RNLI. Morton, Hilda S Lady, for chrtble serv, Edinburgh. Moseley, Mrs PKC, serv commty, Birm. Mould, PM, div commdt, Herts Spcl Constab, serv the pol. Mourant, Mrs M, co-ord, Liberation Tapestries, Jersey, serv commty, Jersey. Mowbray, Miss PC, hon sec, Florence Nightingale Mus. Murphy, Miss PA, pers sec to mgg dir, Infrastructure Srvcs, BR. Murray, A, chm, Arthritis Care, Wick and District, serv dsbld pple and to commty, Wick, Caithness. Murray, B, procrmnt mgr, Scot Fishrs Protection Agy.

Naden, Mrs GF, spprt mgr 3, Dof H. Nash, Mrs PA, ltly promtns co-ord, Retail Mktg, Brit Sugar, serv sugar ind and to commty, Peterboro. Newbery, Mrs AJ, serv commty, Mansfield. Newhouse, AH, ltly ch exec Brit Greyhound Racg Bd and Nat Greyhnd Racg Clb. Nicholls, J, stn offr, Cornwall C Fire Brgde. Nicholson, EW, for polit and publ serv. Nisbet, BRE, ltly hdteach, Pembury Village PS, Tunbridge Wells. Nudd, RJ, serv coarse fishg. Nyguist, Mrs I, pers asst to ch exec, Tyne and Wear Devel Corp.

O'Leary, Fthr D, serv commty, Abbeyhills, Oldham. O'Leary, JPR, div offr, Met Pol Spcl Constab. O'Mahony, M, sub-offr, Strathclyde Fire Brgd. Olpin, Mrs ME, cstmr serv mgr, Bd of In Rev. Over, LJ, serv archgy, Berks.

Packwood, Miss DE, serv commty, Newton, Porthcawl, Mid-Glam. Page, Miss CJ, serv commty, Much Hadham, Herts. Palmer, George William, sppt grade band 1, Bd of Cstms and Ex. Parker, JB, chm of govns, Clitheroe R Gram S, Ribble Valley, Lancs. Parks, G, serv commty rels, Chatham. Parry, Mrs G, ltly higher exec offr, DoT. Paton, Mrs MKMR, serv commty, Denham, Bucks. Patten, Mrs SFM, higher exec offr, Emp Srvce, D of Empl. Pattison, JV, serv Meals on Wheels Srvce, Darlington. Pearce, AL, sen exec offr, NS. Peszynski, IG, for charitable serv humntrn relf. Pitman, RA, serv Scouting, Axminster, Devon. Plant, Mrs SA, ward mgr, Bristol R Inf. Powell, FJ, navig mgr (west), NRA Thames Regn. Pretty, EG, plmbr, Eng Heritage. Pritchard, K, serv water ind, Northumberland. Puckett, Mrs NJ, serv commty, Dorset.

Ramm, R, co comml mgr, GEC-Marconi Sensors, serv def ind. Rate, Mrs JM, serv commty, Baston, Lincs. Rawlings, HD, Rd Sfty Devel Offr, RSPCA. Rayner, DG, ltly sen sfty mgr, Assocd Brit Ports. Rea, the Rev WJ, serv commty. Reay, Mrs OM, ltly chm, Campg and Caravng Clb. Redfern, E, serv yng pple, Ripley, Derbyshire. Redfern, Mrs M, serv WRVS and Frecheville Darby and Joan Clb, Sheffld. Redwood, RW, higher exec offr, Bd of Cstms and Ex. Reed, Miss M, admin offr, Emp Serv, DofE. Reeder, FJ, serv commty, Fordingbridge, Hants. Reid, D, mast, Motor Vessel Proud Seahorse, serv hydrgrphc srvyg. Rhodes, Mrs D, serv eld pple. Rice, Mrs E, v-prin, Aquinas Coll, Stockpt, Cheshire. Richardson, Mrs LD, serv Mult Sclrss Scty. Richardson, G, Higher exec Offr, Bd of Cstms and Ex. Ridgway, EF, serv commty, Grt Horwood, Bucks. Ritchie, DA, serv athltcs. Ritchie, Mrs M, serv WRVS and commty, Ayr. Roberts, Miss G, sec, Wrexham Maelor Hosp Bala Brnch LofF. Roberts, Mrs GTB, serv commty, Llanelli, Dyfed. Roberts, IL, serv commty, Clwyd. Roberts, Mrs REI, consult, Cntl Manchester Hlth Care Trst, Clncl Dir, Sexual Asslt Refrl Cntr, St Mary's Hosp, Manchester. Robertson, Mrs CG, chm, Shetland Old Pples Welf Grp. Robertson, Mrs NE, serv dsbld pple. Robertson, SAC, serv Scott ent. Robinson, Mrs C, serv CAB movement, Runcorn, Cheshire. Robinson, Mrs HM, serv commty, Newport, Salop. Rodmell, Mrs LM, Sppt Grd Bnd 1, DSS. Rogers, Mrs D, ltly Lcl Offr 2, DSS. Rose, HE, serv Malmesbury Aby, Wilts. Ross, Maj PN, ltly retd offr 3, MoD. Rothnie, PL, ltly sen exec offr, DSS. Rowley, JA, caseworker, SSAFA, Merseyside. Russell, GR, hon sec, Lord Roberts Wkshps, Edinburgh, serv ex-servmn and wmn. Russell, JK, sector offr, Solway Sctr, Cstgrd Agy, DoT. Rutovitz, D, chm, Edinburgh Direct Aid, for hmntrn serv, form Yugoslavia. Ryan, E, for chrtbl serv commty, S Glam.

Sanders, KR, serv soc serv, Waltham Forest, Lon. Sankey, EW, dist mgr, WCoast Main Line Zone, Railtrack. Scott, PJ, serv Boys Brgd, Guernsey. Sewell, Mrs EM, serv commty, Isle of Man. Shafi, MA, prncpl prsnnl offr, BAe, serv defnce ind. Sharma, JR, dep ldr, Lond Bor Hounslow. Sharp, Miss B, ltly emplymnt nursing advr, Hlth and Sfty exec, Dept of Empl. Shepherd, MA, polit serv. Sheppard, PW, sen crftsmn, MoD. Shimmons, HV, serv Chmbr of Commrce. Shirley, PR, dir, Bir'ham and Black Country Urban Wildlife Trst, serv nature cnsvtn. Shute, AF, Hghr Instrctnl Offr, RN Enging Col, Plymouth. Sieczkarek, Mrs MM, serv commty ,Inverness. Sims, Mrs JE, ltly admin offr, Home Off. Skyrme, Mrs YK, serv CAB, Dorset. Slater, J, chm, Scot Pelagic Fishrmns Assoc. Smart, GM, ltly mappng and chartng offr, OS. Smellie, ER, serv racl equal. Penfold-Smith, Mrs B, support grd bd 1, Dept of Empl. Smith, CJ, mbr, Leeds and NYorks Comm for Emplmnt of Pple with Disblts. Smith, CA, serv climbing for blind. Colvin-Smith, Mrs DA, serv commty, Selkirkshire. Smith, Mrs JG, mbr, OFWAT Thames Customer Serv Comm, serv water consumrs. Smith, Miss PA, Divl Admin Offr, Humberside Fire Brgd. Smith, PP, exec offr, FCO. Smith, RP, constable, W Midlands Police. Smith, VJD, serv commty, Egham, Surrey. Snell, SO, sect offr, Norfolk Spcl Constab. Solb, JFDG, sctn mgr of Ecotoxicolgy, Unilever Research, serv envirnmntl safety. Spaczynski, TZ, loc offr I, DSS. Spedding, F, vol wardn, Needs Ore and Gull Island Bird Sanctry, Solent. Spencer, D, ltly HM Insp of Fire Services. Spencer, JB, dir gen, Brit Hol and Home Parks Assoc. Spiers, AGF, serv the commty in Bidford-on-Avon, Warks. Squires, A, ltly sen princpl admin assist, Western Hlth and Socl Ser Brd. Stenson, Mrs E, for chritble serv, Derbys. Stenton, JP, Presdt-Hon Sec and Wlfre Offr, RAFs Assoc, Woodlands and District, WYorks. Stephens, Mrs EM, serv St Davids Chch, Deepdale, Lancs. Stevenson, Miss FC, Project mgr, Marie Stopes Internat, for humnitarn ser, frmr Yugoslavia. Stewart, AR, Sen Manftrg Engr, GEC-Marconi Defence Systms, serv defence ind. Stiff, R, Hghr Profl and Techgy Offr, Dept of Env. Stockdale, RG, Emrgncy Infrastrctre Engr, for humnitrn serv, frmr Yugoslavia. Stoddart, Miss V, frmr Girl Guide leader, Aspatria, Cumbria. Stone, Mrs B, revnue asst, In Rev. Stone, T, br mgr, Short Bros, serv defence ind. Stroud, Mrs P, pers asst to mast, Birkbeck Coll, ULond. Sturrock, JAM, treas, Frnds of Liff Hosp, serv commty, Dundee. Stutley, Mrs MJ, orgsr, WRVS shop, Lister Hosp, Stevenage, serv Lister Hosp. Summerfield, Miss VE, admin and secrl offr, Beds Cnty Ccl. Sutherland, Mrs M, hon sec, RAFs Assoc, Tywyn and Aberdovey, Gwynedd. Sutherland, W, Europn Textile Dir, Day Internat and chm, Whitfield Business Sppt Grp, Dundee, for publ serv, Tayside. Sutton, GR, exec chm, Weston Electric Units, serv mfg ind. Swain, WH, serv commty in Dorchester, Dorset.

Tait, TD, serv commty in Weston-super-Mare, Avon. Tannock, SJ, emrgncy infrstrctre engr, for humntrn serv, fmr Yugoslavia. Taylor, LE, ltly drvr, Trainload Freight, BR. Taylor, RJ, serv commty, partic the RNLI, Cullercoats. Teale, MBC, polit serv. Teather, Mrs S, serv commty, Westfield, Sheffield. Tedstone, JG, gen sec, Falmouth YMCA, Cornwall, serv homeless. Thomas, Mrs BL, for chritble serv in Beaumaris, NWales. Thomas, D, serv amatr drama in SWales. Thompson, Miss B, musicn and composer, serv music. Thompson, J, chm, Urmston and Dist Spastics Soc, Manchester. Thompson, Miss PA, dir, the Disablmnt Income Grp. Thomson, Mrs VK, sen teach, Graysmill Schl, Edinburgh. Thornhill, Mrs M, serv commty, Grt Longstone, Derbs. Tibbs, E J, vol obsvr, Meteorologicl Off, Leeds, WYorks. Tinker, Mrs B, dir, Isle of Man Cntrl Ccl, Red Cross, serv the Brit Red Cross Society. Todd, GR, det sgt, Durham Constab. Tookey, Mrs G, mbr, Lond Bor Brentt. Topping, JE, serv home furnishgs ind. Tough, RO, jt mgg dir, Tough Bros, serv boatbuildg ind. Trenaman, JF, charitble serv, partic Lond Plyg Fields Soc. Tromans, Mrs DW, list offr, Cardiff Crn Crt, Lord Chanclrs Dept. Tsangarides, A, pol supt, Sovereign Base Areas Police, Cyprus. Tunstall, Maj E, caseworker, SSAFA, Darlington, serv ex-servmen and women. Turrall, PAT, consult, GEC Marconi Communications, serv to expt. Turtle, Mrs KM, receptnst, CAB, Crawley, WSussex.

Veail, Mrs JAS, serv CAB in Bracknell, Berks. Veal, Mrs BM, sen usher, Macclesfield Magstrtes Crt. Venn, Mrs A, admin offr, Crown Prosecutn Serv. Vereker, J, mgg dir, Naim Audio, serv expt. Verlander, Mrs FE, sen pers sec, Treas. Vickers, D, serv Marske Fishermns Choir, Redcar, Cleveland. Viney, GA, dep hd wkshops, Christie Hosp, Manchester, serv hlth care.

Waddell, Mrs MC, mbr, Kelvinside commty Ccl, serv commty, Glasgow. Walayat, CM, serv ethnic commty, SYorks. Waley, RR, serv internat frndshp. Walker, C, stn warden, RAF, Cottesmore. Walker, Mrs G, office cleaner, serv Towry Law, Edinburgh. Walker, Mrs M, serv Friends of R Grp of Hosps. Wallace, JH, mntnance frmn, Napier Univ. Walsh, Mrs D, sch crssng ptrl, Blackburn Dist Ccl. Walton, WR, ltly Enterprise Adviser and Regnl mgr, Mining Equipmnt Co Scheme, serv engring. Ward, Mrs CM, ltly pers sec to chm, Chichester HA. Ward, Mrs CM, waitress, the Mitre, Oxf, serv hotel and catering ind. Ward, Miss EA, serv commty in Purton and Braydon, Wilts. Ward, Mrs MA, serv CAB, Portsmouth, Hants. Watson, EA, chm, York Christian Aid Comm. Waugh, HH, serv wine trade. Weaver, ML, ltly mkting mgr and dep dir, West Country Tourist Board. Welch, W, Dir, Marine Serv, Chamber of Shipping, serv shipping ind. West, Mrs C, sec, SSAFA, Sittingbourne, Kent. West, HC, chair, Mersey Basin Trst, serv urbn regenrtn. Westren, Mrs MB, for charitble serv commty in Penzance, Cornwall. Wheeler, Miss VM, admin offr, MoD. White, HA, travelling ticket insp, Severn Valley Rlway, serv rly presrvtn and commty, Birmingham. White, Mrs MS, orgnisr, WRVS, Weston Day Centre for Elderly, Bath, Avon. Whitehead, JS, ltly chm, Calderdale Victim Support Schme, WYorks. Whiteley, Mrs PA, area co-ordinator, RN Pre-School Playgrp. Whitten, Mrs OM, polit and publ serv. Whittick, D, serv riding for disbld. Wilbor, Mrs GM, ltly Haematology Nurse Speclst, Northallerton Hth Serv NHS Trust. Wilkinson, D, Prnpl Engr, Civil Systms, Smiths Industries. Williams, Mrs A, ltly tchnicn, Anglian Water. Williams, DRE, hon sec, Fishguard Lifebt Statn, RNLI. Williams, GF, serv Exmoor, Somerset. Williams, Mrs M, borgh orgsr, WRVS, Kensington, Chelsea, Hammersmith and Fulham, Lond, serv commty. Williams, PW, serv acute and commty mental hlth care. Williams, Mrs WA, chm Welsh Sports Assoc. Willis, Mrs FME, serv agric. Willis, Mrs M, admin offr, MoD. Willis, RAE, water tanker team ldr, Goma, Zaire, humnitrn serv Rwanda. Wilson, DA, serv commty rels. Wilson, Rev IJ, serv Hosp Chaplns Assoc. Wilson, R, serv mntlly ill. Wilson, SS, ltly Suprme Crt Judges Tipstaff, Lord Chancellrs Dept. Wilson, T, serv elderly. Wintin, AC, supt, Lincs Police, serv pol. Wolfe, Mrs GA, Head of Educ, Dulwich Picture Gallery, serv educ. Wood, KVM, pres, RAFs Assoc, Treorchy, Mid Glam. Wood, Miss PEG, serv commty, Coggeshall, Essex. Woodend, HJ, custodian, MoD Pattern Room, Nottingham. Woods, Mrs AC, serv commty, NWalsham, Norfolk. Woolf, GV, for charitble serv, Chelsea, Lond. Wright, Mrs A, mbr, Brit Limbless Ex-Servicemn's Assoc, Teeside. Wright, D, ltly postl clrk, serv Avon Trainng and Entrprse Ccl. Wright, F, dir, Brit Exec Services Overseas. Wright, JD, mbr, Wolverh'ptn and Walsall Comm for Emplymnt of Pple with Disbilities.

Yates, Mrs MFS, serv Red Cross. Young, Lt Cdr RW, serv commty, Herne Bay, Kent.

Royal Victorian Order

Dame Commander (DCVO)

Mumford, Lady Mary, Lady in Wtng to Princess Alexandra, Hon Lady Ogilvy.

Knight Commander (KCVO)

Boyne, Rt Hon GMG Hamilton-Russell Viscount, Lord in Wtng to the Queen. Morris, Very Rev WJ, Dean of Chapel R in Scotland. Hanbury-Tenison, R, Lord Lt of Gwent.

Commander (CVO)

Elworthy, Air Cdre, Hon TC, Sen Air Equerry, RAF. Fmr Capt Queens Flight. Gibbs, Lt Col Wyldbore, PE, priv sec to the Princess R. Griffiths, Mrs EA, lib and arcvt to the Duke of Edinburgh. Slessor, Gp Capt JAG, Gent Usher to the Queen. Thorne, Maj Gen Sir DC, Dir Gen of Commwlth Trust. White, Prof CJ, serv r coll.

Lieutenant (LVO)

Astell, Miss JVJ, r liaisn asst, BBC. Bignell, G, pers serv the Prince of Wales. Hill, Mrs JL, ptnr, Farrer & Co. Jephson, PDCJ, priv sec to the Princess of Wales. O'Dwyer, Lt Col Sean, priv sec to Prince Edward. Pennington, D, sen press offr, COI (South West). Roberts, Hon PJS, curator print rm, Windsor Castle. Slack, Timothy Willatt, prpl, Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park. Thurston, W Cdr Neil, RAF, fmr Cmmd Offr Queens Flight.

Member (MVO)

Atmore, Insp K, rlty and dip protec dept, Met Pol. Baston, Insp BJ, rlty and dip protec dept, Met Pol. Bull, Capt AJ, Harbour Mtr, PLA. Elliott, Mrs EF, pers serv Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. Foye, Miss PJ, fmr sec to Newspr Soc. Guttridge, Sq Ldr AH, RAF, serv Queens Flight. King, Sq Ldr Robert Fifield, RAF, serv Queens Flight. Lansiaux, Mrs AC, fmr sec to librn, r lib, Windsor Castle. Morton, Miss T-M, asst curator (exhibs), prt rm, Windsor Castle. Stacey, SC, sen clrk, Master Hsehlds Dept, Buckingham Palace. Thorne, Sgt B, rlty and dip protect dept, Met Pol. Vince, Mrs AV, Lady Clerk, pte secs office, Buckingham Palace. Waite, DK, fmr consult archt to Sandringham Estate. Weir, Miss JE, fmr sec to def serv sec. Wharton, GS, mgr, cmonial and protocol serv, pub wks and gvt serv, Canada. White, Mrs IA, priv sec to Lt Gov Saskatchewan. Wilkinson, Sgt BJ, rlty and dip protec dept, Met Pol.

Bar to the Royal Victorian Medal (Silver)

Owen, FC, fmr Mem Princetown Wks Dept, Duchy of Cornwall.

Royal Victorian Medal (Silver)

Berwick, Sgt D, R Marines, ord to the Duke of Edinburgh. Bromley, Band Colr Sgt David John, serv HM Yacht Britannia. Carter, D, paintr, Duchy of Lancaster. Elliott, AC, cftsmn fittr, Crown Estate, Windsor. Fielding, Sgt MD, RAF, serv Queens Flight. Gagan, LW, cftsmn paintr, Crown Estate, Windsor. Harrowsmith, AA, chf wdmn, Duchy of Lancaster. Lawtey, Chf Tech RJ, RAF, serv Queens Flight. Macrae, Pipe Maj B, fmr Queens Piper. Moule, KR, chf stwd r train. Osborne, A, frmn elec, Sandringham Estate. Potts, WJ, gmkpr, Balmoral Estates. Watson, Chf Tech DC, RAF, serv Queens Flight. Woodley, Con WRF, rlty and dip protec dept, Met Pol.

Diplomatic & Overseas List

Knights Bachelor

Platt, Mr Justice HG, Judge of Appl, Supm Crt of Uganda. Todd, Prof D, Pres of Ccl of the Acdmy, Hong Kong.

Order of St Michael & St George

Knight Grand Cross (GCMG)

Fenn, Sir NM, High Commr, N Delhi.

Knight Commander (KCMG)

Carrick, RJ, High Commr, Canberra. Elliott, DM, Dir Gen (Intnl Mkt), Gen Secretariat of the Ccl of EU. Wood, AM, Amb-desig, Moscow.

Companion (CMG)

Bawden, MG, Hd of Brit Devel Div in Caribbean. Carter, A, fmr Dep Gov, Gibraltar. Harris, AD, Amb, Abu Dhabi. Harris, TG, Amb, Seoul. Hewitt, GW, Amb, Zagreb. Johnson, DJ, High Commr, Georgetown. Penfold, PA, Gov, Brit Virgin Is. Roberts, IA, Ch d'Aff, Belgrade. Thickett, MG, Couns, FCO. Wood, MC, fmr Couns (Leg Adv) UK Mssn to UN, New York.

Order of the British Empire

Knight Commander (KBE)

Gray, JWD, Amb, Brussels. Thesiger, WP, explrr and auth.

Commander (CBE)

Chandler, JWF, serv Brit comml intrsts in Far East. Cockerham, D, Consul- Gen, Osaka. Furman, J, chm of Israel Britain and Commwlth Assn. Hall, JC, ltly chm, Nat Peace Comm, S Africa. Hughes, IW, ltly Finl Sec, Min of Fin, Bermuda. Mackie, EJ, Presdt, Brit-Canadian Ch of Trade and Com. Nottle, RW, chm, Secrities and Futs Commn, HK. Penlington, Mr Justice RG, Just of Appl, HK. Rich, NMS, ch exec, Trafalgar Hse. Southern, RD, serv Brit expts to N America. Sutch, PDA, chm, Cathay Pacific Airways, HK. Yam, J, Chi-kwong, ch exec, HK Monetary Auths.

Officer (OBE)

Adam, JHJ, Presdt, Brit Ch of Comm, Brussels. Arthern, PJ, hd, Eng Translation Serv, European Ccl Secrtrt, Brussels. Blake, DJ, serv Brit comml and commty intrsts, Turkey. Bourne, Dr CS, serv med, Turks and Caicos Is. Buckle, JE, Dep Commr, Ind Commn Against Corrptn, HK. Cartland, MD, sec, Financl Servs, HK. Chan, Prof K-m, chm, Dept of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Chinese HK Univ. Cheung, Prof YK, Pro-Vice Chncllr, HK Univ. Cheung Cheng, Pauline P-l Lady, JP Dir, Legal Aid, HK. Cooke, Dr DJ, Educ Attache, HM Emb, Washington. Cordiner, WL, ltly High Commr, Nukualofa. Court, Dr I, Hon Cnsl, Puerto Rico. Crowther, DH, Commr of Pol, Montserrat. Davis, Prof TN, Pro-Vice Chncllr, Namibia Univ. Davison, Dr AJ, hd, Andhra Pradesh Prmry Educ Project. Duckett, AP, QC, actg Solctr Gen, HK. Ewart, Dr G, chm and mgg dir, ICI India. Eyres, Dr JP, Dir, Br Ccl, Zimbabwe. Harvey, Dr D, Medcl Dir, Joint Oil Compns Clinic, Sanaa. Henderson, A, serv educ in Oman. Hickley, Mrs PFI, serv Cheshire Home, Singapore. Hill, GG, serv Brit comml intrsts, Turkey. Grose-Hodge, NC, serv Brit comml intrsts, Argentina. Lake, AAR, serv commty, Anguilla. Leckie, SH, for publ and commty serv, HK. Leung, AKC, serv Brit comml intrsts, HK. Martin, DI, ltly chm, Brit Hosp Comm, Buenos Aires. McLean, JIS, ltly First Sec (Works), HM Emb, Paris. Mountford, AJ, ltly Br Ccl, Turkey. Nell, LJ, serv docmntry film, C Africa. Phillips, MM, serv Brit comml intrsts, Taiwan. Price, DI, serv Brit comml intrsts, Aust. Pun, PYS, serv Brit comml intrsts, HK. Reynolds, C, for welf and commty serv, India. Sangster, IS, serv Brit comml intrsts, Bangladesh. Sheldon, Miss AMM, ltly HM Consul, Cairo. Strong, SS, ltly First Sec (Commrcl), Brit High Commn Accra. Tseng, C, MBE, for welf serv the commty, HK. Walsh, AStP, serv Brit comml intrsts in the US. Ward, Dr DM, wrdn, St John's Ophthalmic Hosp, Jerusalem.

Member (MBE)

Andreassend, GA, Princip Govt Land Surveyor, HK. Barnett, AK, Br Ccl, Hungary. Batty, TR, serv anti-corruptn campaign, Botswana. Bennett, NP, ltly First Sec, HM Emb, Washington. Brackenbury, Miss HF, serv educ and welf, Pap N Guinea. Budge, JR, serv mntlly hndcppd, HK. Carmichael, the Rev Elizabeth DH, for serv on Alexandra Township Peace Ccl, S Africa. Carr, WJ, serv Brit comml and chty intrsts, Mexico. Chan, Dr PPF, for vol serv to Chinese Permanent Cmtrs. Chang, W-k, contrler, Govt Supplies, HK. Cheng, Dr PJ-s, serv shipping ind, HK. Chow, Dr YY-n, ch exec, Q Elizabeth Hosp, HK. Christopher, Mrs MJ, Registrar-Gen, Bermuda. Colwill, Rosalind F, serv mntlly ill, Abia State, Nigeria. Cruz, Mrs C, locly-enggd aid asst, Brit High Commn, Lilongwe. Dinning, Cdr DMcP, serv San Diego/Edinburgh town-twinning. Dobson, the V Rev JW, serv educ, Swaziland. Errington, Mrs JR, serv Brit comml intrsts and commty, Russia. Frost, Mrs NM, for vol work, Kenya. Ghafur, O, serv loc commty, HK. Glass, LE, serv commty, St Helena. Gomes, A, serv former HK PoW. Greenway, WJ, for vol serv in Montserrat. Griffiths, GEJ, chm, R Brit Legion, Paderborn, Germany. Guilmant, PT, serv Brit cultural, comml and professional intrsts, Mexico. Hall, Mrs S, locly-enggd passport examr, HM Consulate-Gen, Geneva. Hastings, the Rev JP, serv adult literacy in Bangladesh. Ho, CK-s, sen supt, Cstms and Ex, HK. Hodge, RVC, dir of fin, Anguilla. Hope, FM, Hon Consul, Biarritz. Juan, Mrs MM (Miss MM Leonard), Sister-in-Charge, Gd Shepherd Clinic, Belize. Keung, Maj Pk-c, R HK Regmnt (The Volunteers). Lau, C, Hon P, ch med technolgst, HK. Leafe, G, MSM, Secrty Offr, HM Emb, Tunis. Lee Tseng, Mrs MC-k, for chrtbl serv, HK. Leung, Dr N-k, for vol serv sick and dsbld childrn, HK. Leung, S-h, Sen Clerical Offr, HK Govt. Li Wong, Mrs JS-y, psychiatric nurse, Siu Lam Hosp, HK. Ling, Miss Y-k, Pers Assist, HK Govt. Lloyd, A, Secnd Sec, HM Emb, Seoul. Lloyd, JF, for serv to R Brit Legion, Belgium. Marshall, KJ, serv the blind, HK. Massie, J, serv Brit commty, California. Munn, PWP, serv Brit commerce and commty, Lima. Ng, T-l, for vol publ serv in HK. Ng, Staff Sgt Y-c, R HK Regmnt (The Volunteers). Noble, JF, serv R Brit Legion, Geneva. O'Brien, PTD, Secnd Sec (Info), HM Emb, Brussels. Page, Lt Col RK, MC, V-Presdt SSAFA in tIrish Republ. Partridge, Mrs M, Brit V-Consul, Moscow. Poon, T, Quing-tong, serv commty, HK. Rogers, AJ, serv Brit comml intrsts and commty, Dubai. Rose, Frederica D Lady, (Dorothy Carrington), histrn and ethnlgst on Corsica. Shah, Mrs US, serv Brit Hindu comms, Kenya. Shaw, HC, sec, Belgian Br, Normandy Vetrns Assn. Shum, TY-k, sen pers asst, HK Govt. Thomas, J, HM Consul, Oporto. Thorne, Mrs RE, serv Brit commty, Portugal. Vorobieff, Mrs CA, V-Consul, Lille. Walker, Mrs JM, serv the hndcppd and dsbld. Wan, AH-y, serv sprt for young in HK. Willcox, JTH, for charitable serv, Yokohama. Yan, WC, mssgr, Brit Trade Commn, HK. Yang Leung, Mrs KY-f, serv chty in HK. Yuen, JK-y, serv commty, HK.

Royal Navy

Order of the Bath

Knight Commander (KCB)

Walmsley, Vice Adml R.

Companion (CB)

Irwin, Rear Adml RO. Tolhurst, Rear Adml JG.

Order of the British Empire

Commander (CBE)

Hastilow, Capt RG. Titley, Commandant Nursg Offr J, QARNNS.

Officer (OBE)

Dobson, Cdr JK. Fitzgerald, Cdr MP. Irvine, Local Lt Col PDT, RM. Kirkpatrick, Cdr J. Murray, Cdr BC. Nunn, Local Lt Col CJ, RM. Sweny, Cdr NW. Tighe, Cdr JGH.

Member (MBE)

Bearcroft, WO AK. Bell, CPO Stores Acct D. Carr, L/S SN. Cawley, WO KW. Champion, WO GWJ. Darbyshire, CPO Med Asst D. Day, WO DJ. Deakin, Lt Cdr AJ. Deans, WO MG. Durrant, Lt P. Edney, Lt Cdr AR. Gibson, Lt Cdr TA. Jones, Lt Cdr JKP. McColl, PO Wren Writer LM. Mitton, Ld Airmn PM. O'Shea, WO MG. Sharp, WO CD. Shearer, WO M. Smith, Lt Cdr LJ. White, Lt Cdr MA. Wilson, Lt Cdr DMMcG. Young, Lt Cdr LGD.

The Army

Order of the Bath

Knight Commander (KCB)

Walker, Lt Gen MJD.

Companion (CB)

Grant, Maj Gen SC. Mayes, Maj Gen FB. Pett, Maj Gen RA. Sheppard, Maj Gen PJ.

Order of the British Empire

Commander (CBE)

Kincaid, Brig JWM. Manners-Smith, Col MCH. Walker, Brig RC.

Officer (OBE)

Bradley, Lt Col ME. Coulson, Lt Col MG. Maggs, Lt Col PJT. Weeks, Lt Col TFL. Wight, Lt Col AJG. Woolmore, Lt Col JD.

Member (MBE)

Allfrey, Maj HD Archer, Maj BB. Arsenault, Maj PAJ. Bailey, Sgt ILD. Baldwin, Maj GT. Baverstock, Maj NAC. Bell, WO DJ. Bevan, L/Cpl A-M. Billsberry, Maj BK. Boddy, Maj RA. Bridge, Sgt DA. Bright, WO GJ. Brown, Col Sgt (now Act WO2) E. Buckley, Maj (now Lt Col) RI. Clydesdale, Cpl V. Craig, Sgt A. Dapice, Maj MHR. Davidson, Sgt RJB. Fraser, Maj WG. Gibson, Maj PM. Gillison, Maj J. Guest, Capt (Act Maj) G. Harvey, Cpl CA. Henning, WO SH. Hesketh, WO AG. Hudson, Maj AP. James, Col Sgt NJ. John, St Sgt MP. Johnston, WO SC. Lam, Capt Ping Wai. Lavender, Maj CM. Leaver, St Sgt S. Limbu, Maj (Queens Gurkha Offr) K. Macey, Maj PJ. Matthews, Cpl AJ. Maxted, Sgt M. McCaig, Maj DJ. McCrum, Capt D. McGrath, Maj CA. Napolitano, WO JG. Newton, Lt (Act Maj) RD. Newton, Maj SC. Nicholson, WO CM. O'Connor, WO EF. O'Donnell, Sgt W. Parker, Capt J. Plumb, L/Cpl MT. Poffley, Maj MA. Robinson, Maj (now Act Lt Col) RF. Schumacher, Maj (now Lt Col) A. Stockdale, Maj MRG. Sullivan, WO NJ. Touhey, L/Cpl KA. Tustin, St Sgt (now WO2) AM. Umbers, Lt Col JM. Underhill, WO RJ. Vincent, Maj MAF. Walsh, WO SA. Woodfield, Lt (Act Maj) RG.

Royal Air Force

Order of the Bath

Knight Commander (KCB)

Allison, Air Marshal JS.

Companion (CB)

Beer, Air Vice-Marshal PG. Terry, Air Vice-Marshal CG.

Order of the British Empire

Commander (CBE)

Collier, Gp Capt James Andrew. Feenan, Acting A Cdre Michael Leonard. Howells, A Cdre Valentine Brinley.

Officer (OBE)

Brewer, W Cdr TP. Bullen, W Cdr JD. Coker, W Cdr PA. Cole, W Cdr BC. Dickson, W Cdr A. Harte, W Cdr JK. McDonald, W Cdr TP. Wynn, W Cdr BM.

Member (MBE)

Bastin, Ch Tech TN. Bradford, Sq Ldr MWB. Bull, Sq Ldr BK. Court, Sq Ldr SJ. Craig, Sgt ARD. Crapper, Sq Ldr D. Dickson, Sq Ldr JJH. Duckworth, Sgt JP. Finnigan, Ch Tech RA. Footer, Sq Ldr SG. Furner, Sgt PMF. Gallacher, Ch Tech BD. Holdway, M/Aircrew P. Kelly, WO PJ. Kinder, Sq Ldr SJ. Lavender, F Sgt AR. Lincoln, WO PJC. Macdougall, Sq Ldr N. McOwan, Sq Ldr AJH. Moore, Sq Ldr DH. Morrell, Sgt BG. Patel, Sgt JRC. Patrick, WO AK. Pullen, F Sgt BA. Salisbury, WO E. Sherman, Ch Tech CP. Sinclair, F Sgt J. Turner, Sgt AL. Wallace, Sq Ldr (now W Cdr) DB. Wynne, Sq Ldr CA.

Royal Red Cross


Arigho, Col JM, ARRC, lt Queen Alexandras R Army Nursing Corps. Massey, Princ Nsing Offr J, Queen Alexandras R Naval Nsing Serv. Williams, Gp Capt RH, ARRC, Princess Mary's R Air Force Nsing Serv.


Butcher, Supting Nsing Offr LJ, Queen Alexandras R Naval Nsing Serv. Jolly, Capt AA, Queen Alexandras R Army Nsing Corps. Jones, Capt NO, Queen Alexandras R Army Nsing Corps. Thompson, Sgt L, Queen Alexandras R Army Nsing Corps.

Queen's Police Medal

Aldous, DW, Ch Const, Dorset Police. Benwell, NJ, Det Sgt, Met Pol. Cairns, MG, Dep Ch Const, Gtr Manch Police. Davidson, WJ, Chief Supt, RUC. Dunn, Anderson, Asst Commr, Met Pol. Durham, P, Supt, Northumbria Police. Eidmans, MB, Chief Supt, Met Pol. Evans, RF, Asst Ch Const, S Wales Const. Farr, WM, Insp, RUC. Ferry, PW, CPM, Chief Supt, R Hong Kong Police. Flanders, D, Dep Asst Commr, Met Police. Flenley, RA, Chief Supt, Sussex Police. Gibson, P, Asst Ch Const, Strathclyde Police. Harland, RS, Supt, Surrey Police. Hedges, MI Ian, Dep Ch Const, South Yorks Police. Leung, Fung- shun, CPM, Asst Commr, R Hong Kong Police. Monk, RG, Asst Insp of Const, HM Insp of Const. Porter, JF, Const, Cumbria Const. Ratcliffe, AB, ltly Commr, R Cayman Islands Police. Ray, DA, Cdr, Met Pol. Salmon, HM, Det Sgt, Gwent Const. Shackleton, DL, CPM, Asst Commr, R Hong Kong Police. Wood, RJ, Asst Ch Const, Derbys Const. Woodhouse, PF, Const, West Yorks Police. Walker, JH, CPM, Asst Commr, R Hong Kong Police. Wood, TJ, Asst Ch Const, Lothian and Bdrs Police. Wyrko, DJ, Dep Ch Const, Leicestershire Const.

Queen's Fire Service Medal

Coffey, MS, Asst Chief Fire Offr, London Fire and Civ Def Auth. Jameson, J, Firemast, Strathclyde Fire Brig. Good, KJ, ltly Station Offr, Warwicks Fire and Resc Serv. Horn, K, Div Offr (Grade III), Tyne and Wear Met Fire Brigade. McConachie, A, ltly Dep Chief Fire Offr, Durham Cnty Fire and Resc Brig. Quinn, P, Dep Chief Fire Offr, Clwyd Fire Serv. Scott, M, ltly Asst Firemast, Lothian and Bdrs Fire Brig. Tsang, K, Chief Fire Offr, Hong Kong Fire Serv. Wylie, TLH, Asst Chief Fire Offr, Bucks Fire and Resc Serv.