The Queen's Speech: The Key Proposals

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House of Lords Reform Bill

Stops hereditary peers from voting in Lords, with a Royal Commission on further reform.

Road Traffic Act (NHS Charges) Bill Insurance firms to cover cost of road accident victims.

Age of Consent and Abuse of Trust Bill Reduces gay age of consent from 18 to 16 and outlaws sex between carers and under 18s in their care.

National Health Service Bill Scraps "internal market" by abolishing GP "fundholders."

Youth Justice and Witnesses Bill Protection of children and rape victims from cross- examination in courtrooms, restrictions on jury trials.

Access to Justice Bill Ends monopoly of barristers, limits legal aid cases to approved lawyers, replaces legal aid with contracting.

Welfare Reform Bill

"Single gateway" for all claimants to attend job interviews, overhaul of benefits for sick and disabled.

Disability Rights Commission Bill New body to eliminate discrimination.

Fairness at Work Bill Union recognition if 40 per cent of workers in favour, automatic if 50 per cent members for three months.

Financial Services and Markets Bill New statutory regulator to improve supervision.

Electronic Commerce Bill Internet users get "electronic signature" for security

Local Government (Best Value and Capping) Bill

Ends compulsory tendering and abolishes spending caps

Greater London Authority Bill Creation of directly elected London Mayor and assembly.

Immigration and Asylum Bill

Curbs cash benefits for refugees, asylum seekers given no choice about location of housing.

European Parliamentary Elections Bill New PR system based on "closed lists" of candidates.