The 'Sun' is revolting, says Short

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Clare Short has broken Labour's silence over the party's new links with the Sun, attacking the newspaper's use of Page Three girls as "still revolting", writes Stephen Castle.

The outspoken MP, a long-time campaigner against Page Three girls, welcomed the support of the best-selling tabloid but said that was not incompatible with opposition to its publication of pictures of semi-naked women.

In an interview in the Independent on Sunday, Ms Short said Labour could dominate British politics for 50 years as a result of changes in voting patterns. But she criticised the level of political debate which sometimes made her feel embarrassed to be an MP, and predicted a change in the voting system.

Her comments represent Labour's first criticism of the Murdoch empire in recent memory and will anger the party's media managers.

The shadow Minister for Overseas Development said: "I want as many newspapers as possible to support the Labour Party, so I'm glad the Sun is supporting the Labour Party."

But, she added, "I have criticisms of the fact that they think it's normal and acceptable to carry daily pictures of half-naked women, which is still revolting - but I'm still glad they're supporting us."

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