The tariffs for trauma and injury

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Criminal Injuries

The Compensation Association pays out 25 levels of award in criminal cases, ranging from pounds 1,000 to pounds 250,000, depending on the severity of the injury, disability or emotional trauma caused.

The standard award for permanent brain damage is pounds 250,000.

Loss of an eye is valued at pounds 25,000; loss of both at pounds 100,000.

pounds 50,000 is awarded for loss of fertility;

pounds 40,000 for the loss of an arm, and pounds 30,000 for multiple first-degree burns. pounds 20,000 for permanently disabling mental disorder

pounds 4,000 for six months of mental disorder (including post-traumatic stress);

pounds 1,750 for two front teeth.

The minimum of pounds 1,000 is paid out for such injuries as a chipped or fractured tooth, a broken rib, or a sprained ankle causing disability for 6-13 weeks.

Civil damages

The Judicial Studies Board provides guidelines for judges to decide how much to award in civil cases. When someone else (or an organisation) admits liability or is proven negligent, the victim can sue for general damages and for financial loss.

The guidelines list the range of appropriate awards for general damages.

Permanent brain damage: pounds 105,000-pounds 125,000;

Loss of an eye: pounds 22,000-25,000;

Loss of fertility: pounds 45,000-60,000;

Loss of an arm pounds 42,000 upwards.

Burns: not dealt with.

Severe psychiatric damage pounds 23,000-45,000;

Minor post-traumatic stress (recovering in 2yrs): pounds 1,500-pounds 3,000

Loss of two front teeth pounds 2,000

Provision for loss of earnings is also made. For example: pounds 7,000 a year for a cleaner, too disabled to work; pounds 17,000 a year for a teacher, too stressed and depressed to work; pounds 37,000 a year for a journalist with RSI.

Travel insurance

A typical policy offers up to pounds 2.5m to cover the costs of a medical emergency; up to pounds 25,000 for personal accident (loss of one or more limbs or sight in one or both eyes); and pounds 25,000 for permanent total disablement.