The Tory Leadership: Voices of a party divided

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"Don't touch Ken. Remember his record" -

Baroness Thatcher, 18 June.

"I find it absolutely bizarre ... They will hand the party to the left" - John Townend, chairman of the Right-wing 92 Group, leaving Redwood and Clarke's press conference, and pledging his support for Mr Hague. 18 June

"The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact."-

The Hague camp on the Redwood-Clarke alliance. 18 June

"We mustn't be bullied by the right wing into ruling the single currency out" -

Clarke. 15 June

"If we choose a leader who isn't clear on this issue, the war will go on" -

Redwood, 15 June

"I'm incandescent" -

Lady Thatcher on the pact, 18 June

"William Hague doesn't have any clear view about anything" -

Teresa Gorman, 17 June

" incredible alliance of opposites which can only lead to further grief" -

Lady Thatcher. 18 June

"One of the most contemptible and discreditable actions by a British politician"

Sir Peter Tapsell MP on Redwood's deal

18 June

"..Breathtaking cynicism, this is an alliance built on sand and cannot last." - Norman Lamont. 18 June

"With William, it is just more fudge and dither... John Major Mark 2 .. The worst of all worlds" -

Redwoodites, 17 June

A choice between "a nerd in short trousers and a Heathite rustbucket" -

One Tory Right-winger on his dilemma before the third round. 18 June

"It is an incredible development, it will not stand the test of time, it is a marriage made in hell." -

Stephen Norris. 18 June

"He must be crazy because it will ruin his personal life. I never wanted him to go into politics. He could have had such a comfortable life earning a tremendous amount of money." -

Stella Hague on her son. 14 June

"He has quite a lot of support from a particular wing of the party, but we need a leader that will speak for the instincts of the whole party. No messing around any more."

Redwood on Clarke. 1st June

"No conviction, no passion, no guts and no brains. A Mandelsonian hollowness" -

One of Mr Redwood's leading supporters on William Hague. 3 June

"John would split the party." -

Lilley ally. 3 June

"Major's constantly shifting fudge" -

Hague. 28 May