The truth is out there - somewhere

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FLYING SAUCERS: Figments of imagination often with mundane explanations, such as weather balloons, aircraft, etc.

SPOONBENDING: Conjuring or sleight of hand.

ASTROLOGY: Nonsense. What you get is usually expressed in such a way you cannot disagree, eg, 'You have a good sense of humour, but there is a serious side to you.'

ALIEN ABDUCTIONS: No aliens. Possibly some form of epilepsy. Other cultures have different explanations for the same phenomenon.

BEASTS OF THE MOORS: Misconceptions. Every place near open moorland now seems to have a puma/panther/ beastie. Role of media not to be underestimated as many reports appear in July and August, the so-called silly season.

LOCH NESS AND OTHER MONSTERS: People look at Loch Ness and have an expectation they may see a monster.

GHOSTS: People jumping to the wrong conclusions. Usually seen at night when fear is at its highest.

CROP CIRCLES: Undoubtedly hoaxes.

SPIRITUALISM: Bunkum. Relies on so-called cold reading during which medium will say something like, 'I'm getting a message from someone with a letter G or S,' and wait for reactions from the audience. Why don't they just say I've got George Smith here, anyone want to talk to him?