The Vienna Agenda

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Reform of EU finances, including the CAP. This opens the Pandora's box of national contributions to the Brussels budget, and the sacrosanct British rebate.

Employment, job targets and taxation. In other words, the next round in the Anglo-German rumpus over tax harmonisation, and the merits of state intervention versus the free market

Duty-free shopping. The Commission thought it had agreement to abolish this by next summer, but now the politicians are having second thoughts.

The salary package for Euro-MPs. A long-standing tale of perks and padded expense accounts, which have defied every effort to trim them.

European Defence. Britain and France are proposing a European defence identity. But will the neutrals go along, and what happens to the Western European Union?

Trade with South Africa. Six months ago, Nelson Mandela was hailed at the Cardiff summit as a hero for the ages, but Europe balks at concessions on imports of South African wine.