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Hamish Birrell, eight,

from north London

"I like it a lot. It's big and great fun. My favourite bit was the Time Keepers. I liked firing off balls. The talking furniture in the Time Capsule just went blank. When you talk, it doesn't say anything back. I was a bit disappointed with that. In the Play Zone I tried the pillow fight where you have to hit people. I like the Dome about the same as Legoland. It is better to come in small groups. I'd give it nine out of ten."

Ellen Lister, nine,

from Pinner, Middlesex

"I think it's really, really great. It feels very welcoming when you come in and, just as you imagine, it is very big. Time Keepers was my favourite. You get the chance to throw balls at people you have never seen before. I didn't like the Time Capsule. It was a good idea, but just wasn't fun. I liked the tug of war in the Play Zone, where there was a cartoon character pulling against you. I'd give the Dome nine-and-a- half out of 10."

Jack Mosse, 15,

from north London

"I'm going to tell my parents not to bother coming. It's a waste of space, time and money. It all seems pretty pretentious, especially the sign saying: `Hopes and fears for the next millennium'. To be honest, I found the train station more interesting. The table football was good, but I didn't like the educational bits in the Work Zone like the maths and the spelling. It's like all the worst bits of museums that try to be fun."