There's only one Buddy, says Sheikh

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As if Bill Clinton didn't have enough on his plate, legally speaking, he now faces the prospect of litigation brought by a most unusual plaintiff. Claiming psychological distress and loss of earnings, Shiekh Buddy Rasheed of Jordan yesterday announced his intention to sue the US President.

Shiekh Buddy, (pictured, right, with white camel) who is the mayor of the town of Bassilya, said he was looking for lawyers in the US or Europe to represent him in the damages case, which he plans to bring because the President named his new First Dog "Buddy". As a consequence, the Sheikh says, he has lost his "prestigious and unique image" in the community, now that he is no longer the one and only Buddy.

But on holiday in the Virgin Islands yesterday, President Clinton seemed unruffled by the Sheikh's threat. He and his family celebrated New Year at the private Sand Dollar villa in St Thomas and plan to return to Washington tomorrow. And of course, the President has been proudly walking his Buddy on the beach each day.